Are You Ready To Do The Big Chop?!

Are You Ready To Do The Big Chop?!

How to Do a Big Chop

The Big Chop
Since the natural hair trend made a massive comeback, many ladies have abandoned their relaxers and joined the 'team natural'. However, the coronavirus pandemic and the accompanying lockdown made more women join the fray.
For every first-timer in the world of natural hair, the process can be challenging, especially because they have to manage two hair textures. As a result, some ladies opt for a big chop to smoothen their transition phase.
However, hold on a minute before you make that big chop and make sure it is the right way to go. Let's go on to find out.

Wondering what the big chop is?

It is a fast way to become natural, and it entails cutting off your relaxed hair and leaving only the natural hair and its texture. Before chopping off their chemically processed hair, most ladies wait for a few months, which is the transition period.

Questions to ask yourself before getting the big chop!

Before going under the scissors for that big chop, here are some questions to ask yourself to avoid doing something you would regret.

Are you comfortable with short hair?

Not everyone is comfortable going about with short hair, and you must be sure that you are before getting the big chop. If you cannot do without the ponytails and long hair, then you should wait a few more months for your hair to grow out before cutting off the other texture.
However, if you can face it, you can manage in the meantime with wigs, braids, caps, and the like until your hair grows out.

Is it exhausting to manage two hair textures?

Are you tired of handling both your natural and relaxed hair at the same time? It isn't quite easy to manage both, especially if you experience hair breakage at the line between both textures. If you can't wait out this situation for both textures to blend, then chop chop!
Short Afro Hairstyles

Have you prepared a natural hair regimen?

Don't begin your natural hair journey until you have decided on the best natural hair regimen to take care of your hair. Begin by exploring products and practices that will ensure your natural hair is healthy. You can watch YouTube videos for ideas and even visit a stylist and get recommendations.

Are you ready? Here's a Simple DIY direction for The Big Chop 

Natural hair products
First things first; it might be in your best interest to visit a natural hairstylist when you're ready for a big chop. However, you can do it yourself once you know what to do.
First, your hair must be washed and air-dried before cutting it. Leave your hair in a wash-and-go state without straightening, twisting, or rolling it. The demarcating line will be more obvious in that state.
Proceed to part your hair into 4 sections. Leave one section out and use clips to hold the other parts away from that single section you excluded. Then, take some pieces of hair from that section and cut just below the line of demarcation on your first attempt. Cut less than your target in case you make mistakes. In the same manner, cut all the hair in their parts until you have no chemically-treated or relaxed hair left.
Now that you're all Natural, Here are Some Post Big Chop Styling Tips
 Once you've had the big chop, feel free to explore with styles and hair products to discover what works for your hair type.  
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