F.A.Q About Brazilian Hair

Is this hair 100% human hair?

Yes! All of our Brazilian products is human hair from one donor and the cuticles have been aligned. Also, our Brazilian Hair is 100% chemical free. Therefore you do not receive your hair with a weird corn smell.

Can I use any hair dye on this Brazilian Hair?

Yes! This Brazilian hair is 100% human. Therefore you can use any chemical process you would like. If you would like a list of our 'Best' hair care products please send as a note by clicking here.

If I am not happy with my purchase can I return it?

Yes! We offer a 7 day money back guarantee.

The guidelines are as follows:

  1. Request return within 7 business days of receipt of your Brazilian Hair
  2. Ensure you have not washed, dyed or in any way chemically treated the hair
  3. Ensure you have not applied the hair in any form or technique
  4. Once we receive your returned Brazilian hair, we will refund your money within 3 business days.

Does a free extensions carrier come with every purchase?

Yes and No. If you order weft, wig, closure and/or clip in hair - you will receive a free extensions carrier. If you only order something from the Frontal, Closure or Accessories category or the closure category, you will not receive a carrier.

How often should I wash my Azul Hair Collection Brazilian hair?

You can wash these hair extensions as much or as little as you like. However, we do suggest for best styling, that you wash your hair when it appears heavy or dirty. Also, check out our care instructions here for more information.

Does Azul Hair Collection Brazilian Hair Collection hair shed?

We would love to say that our Brazilian hair has ZERO shedding, however, that is not realistic. Our hair does shed very very slightly. If you experience heavy shedding (meaning: handfuls), please reach out to us ASAP. You may have received a bad batch from our factory.

Can Azul Hair Collection Bleach The Knots?

We do lightly bleach the knots on all our lace products. However, due to liability of using heavy bleaching and uncertain how well the customer will care for the units, we are not able to do a deep bleaching.

How long will Azul Hair Collection Brazilian Hair last?

A VERY LONG TIME! However, this is conditional on how well you treat your Azul hair. Care instructions have been included for each product on our website under the product name. We highly suggest you follow those instructions. Also, we send you a free hair extension carrier to better protect the hair from damage. If you take care of your Brazilian hair - it will take care of you for at least a year!

 What is Sezzle Pay?

Sezzle is a reputable 3rd party system that allow our customers to securely purchase on Azul Hair Collection on comfortable installments at no interest. Find more info here: How Sezzle works

 What happens if I am not approved by Sezzle?

Sezzle is a 3rd party company and we don't have access to their approval processes. You should contact them if you want to inquire more information, they are always available to help.

Keep in mind though, you can always change the payment method to purchase your products. We would hate to lose you as a customer!