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What Are Stitch Braids?

What Are Stitch Braids? Stitch braids rose to popularity in 2016 and have been a growing hairstyle since then, but they have quite an interesting history and a close relation to the famous cornrows.  The modern stitch braiding technique traces its origin to the world-famous cornrow technique that Africans have been wearing since 3000BC. Stitch braids and other braids emerged from cornrows over the years. So what are stitch braids? Stitch braids are made by dividing a head of hair into several horizontal lines from the front to the back of the head. Then, you cut out a thin line of hair and allow it to run parallel to the thick parallel lines. The thick lines of hair are then...

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How Does Oatmeal Decrease Baby and Food Bloating

Does Oatmeal Decrease Baby and Food Bloating? Oatmeal is a highly nutritious whole grain that's loved across the world by people of all ages because of its health benefits. With so many vitamins and minerals, and its renowned ability to boost satiety and lower blood cholesterol, children and adults cannot get enough of oatmeal. One notion we have heard about oatmeal's powers is that it decreases food bloat and baby bloat because it is low in calories. This article will be throwing light on the ability of oatmeal to reduce bloating and answer all your questions in this regard. What is Bloating? For clarification purposes, bloating is an uncomfortable feeling that occurs when you're unable to pass out intestinal gas....

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What Is A T Part Wig And Do You Need One?

  What is a T part wig? If you're constantly in tune with wig trends and styles, then you must have heard of T part wigs that are making the waves amongst ladies who love wigs. But how much do you know about this lace wig? Let's find out more about the rave of the moment, beginning with a definition. A T part wig is a lace wig that comes with a T part application in the sense that the parting creates a T shape. The best way to identify and differentiate the T part wig from any other lace wig is to study its features, including the material, styling patterns, and structure.  Features of the T part wig This...

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Installing A U-Part Wig...The Right Way!

How to Install a U Part Did you get yourself a 'U' part wig, but you have no idea how to install it? A U-Part wig is specially designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair, but you must install it properly to get the most realistic finish. With the right methods, you can install your U part without any gluing or sewing. Here are some easy steps to install your U part wig in two minutes! Braid your hair back in cornrows and leave some hair in front to cover the U part after the installation process.  Pin the hair you left out to one side so that it doesn't get in the way of your wig when you...

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Are You Ready To Do The Big Chop?!

How to Do a Big Chop Since the natural hair trend made a massive comeback, many ladies have abandoned their relaxers and joined the 'team natural'. However, the coronavirus pandemic and the accompanying lockdown made more women join the fray. For every first-timer in the world of natural hair, the process can be challenging, especially because they have to manage two hair textures. As a result, some ladies opt for a big chop to smoothen their transition phase. However, hold on a minute before you make that big chop and make sure it is the right way to go. Let's go on to find out. Wondering what the big chop is? It is a fast way to become natural, and...

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