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How To Ventilate a Wig in 2021 (Step by Step Guide)

What Is Ventilating A Wig? In simple terms, ventilating a wig means adding hair to a lace front wig. For decades, people have been sewing hair on wigs with a conventional needle. However, using a ventilating kit that includes a latch hook (a special needle) helps you accomplish the task faster. The kit is very affordab

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Why Quadpay Wigs Are the Best For Budget Hair Extensions

Every human hair extension lover has been at a point in their life where they couldn't afford the hair of their dreams. It isn't a great place to be. Let's be real; many hair extensions are quite expensive, depending on their texture, style, length, or hair quality. Sometimes, our favorite hair extension is just out of our reach because we don't have the funds to purchase them. While hair financing has been a problem before now, new realities are changing the situation and helping hair lovers to buy hair extensions and pay according to a comfortable financing plan.

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Virtual Reality - Shop online like in your local hair extension store

Have you ever wished you could touch the hair you are considering buying online, move it around, and study it from all angles, just as if it were in front of you?  One shared challenge amongst women who shop for human hair extensions online is the doubt that they would get the quality of hair that they want. They only have a few views in front of them, but with no guarantee about the fullness, body, waves, and feel of the hair they would love to purchase. What if you could see and study every detail of the human hair extension you want to purchase online? Do you think it is possible? What would you do if you had access...

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