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What is the difference between HD lace and HD Korean Lace?

Thanks to the ever-developing hair technology, now and again, we are blessed with new hair extensions, wigs, products, and the like. Diversity and beauty in the world of wigs and hair extensions are things we can never be too grateful for. What's new this time? You might be wondering. I'm talking about the new lace wig

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The Brave E-Girl Hairstyles..

See the new TikTok Hair Trend That’s only the Brave- E-Girl Hairstyles The E-Girl hairstyle is a creation of some female online gamers and it is quite similar to the scene trend of the early 2000s, except that there’s some modern and artistic twist to it this time. You can identify the E-girl hairstyles by the 90’s color streak in contrasting colors and gentle pastel shades that most time goes hand-in-hand with hair accessories from the 90s. TikTok has brought this hairstyle to the limelight and we see many ladies fearlessly attempting it.  Guess what? Several celebrities and style icons are also rocking the E-Girl hairstyle right now. Ready to look like an emo girl or your favorite cartoon character?...

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IGK Hair Color.. What's To Know?

The new hair color line that we’re crazy about! You should be too! Don’t we all love the sound of something new to try with our hair? Perhaps a new style, haircut, or a fresh color to get that mane looking different.  But what if I tell you that there’s an entire hair color line for you to try?  No, it isn’t the basic shade of hue or blonde that you’re used to. It’s a line of 25 unique, next-generation hair colors.  May I introduce you to IGK hair- the company responsible for the creation of this color line?   IGK Hair- Producers of the Salon Born, Colorist Approved, Next-generation at-home hair color. IGK hair is a modern and innovative...

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