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Become An Influencer Partner

So You Think You Have What It Takes?

About This Program

If you got to this page more than likely you have a huge following and you are confident you can convert your followers into Azul Hair Collection buyers. That is awesome and we are happy you are interested in representing us!

How It Works

1. Click here to create a partnership account and quick create your account by selecting either Google or Facebook button.
2. After creating an account a unique affiliate link will be generated. Use this link on all your posting on social media. It should look like this:
Azul hair collection the largest selection of virgin brazilian hair extension influencer program
3. Start sharing and start making money!

The Rewards You Will Enjoy As An Influencer

Purchase Azul Hair Collection products at a deep discount!

After you have created a partnership account just send us an email to with whatever products you want and we will send you an offer for those products up to 50% off depending on your followership!

Earn Cash or Credit

Being an influencer partner allows you to earn $10 for each referral order that is placed using your unique link.

Let's Crunch The Numbers:

Example A: You Have 1,200 Followers on social media. Let's say 3% of those see your posting and click your unique affiliate link and buy from us.
You would make $360!
Example B: Let's say you have 45,000 followers on social media and 1% of your followers see your post and click your unique affiliate link and purchase.
You would then make $4,500!

How You Get Your Hard Earned Money

Once your account reaches $100 accrued balance from all your followers purchases, you can then email us and request a store credit to buy more hair extensions for your collection or you can request cash instead (well, not actual cash - we transfer to you via PayPal or mail you a physical check)

It Is That Easy!

So get signed up and get posting so we can give you money!!


 *Terms subject to change but influencer partner will be notified 30 days in advance*