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Hair Care Instruction

Now You Have Your Hair - Learn How To Keep It For a Lifetime!

When Your Order Arrives - Do This

First, a big WELCOME to the Azul Hair Collection experience. We offer not only the best in Brazilian human hair extensions but also, world class customer service.

It is very important to wash your hair extensions before using. Our hair has been manufactured by hand in a sanitary facility and has a light coating on it. Given that, to see this hair 'come alive' you will need to wash them before applying. Here are the steps to do so:

Washing Care Instruction

1. Take a large bowl and fill it with warm water and shampoo. I prefer to use a 2 in one shampoo that has a conditioner in it. Here are my favorites:

azul hair collection hair care instructions shampoo and conditioner, dove, patene, head and shoulders 

Pictured: Pantene 2 in 1 Shampoo, Head & Shoulders 2 in 1 and Dove 2 in 1 Shampoo

2. If you can, it is best practice to allow your hair extensions to air dry. If you are not able to do that then blow dry your hair on low until dried.

Now You Are Ready To Apply Your Hair Extensions!


Maintenance Of Your Azul Hair Extensions

Weekly Routine

I get the question, How Often Should I Wash and Condition My Hair Extensions?

The short answer is, as often as you like. However, my long answer is, whenever your hair is looking heavy or when you have used a lot of product on it (ei. hairspray, gel, etc).

Brazilian hair strands a very sturdy and thick. Therefore, it can look drab and heavy with the smallest amount of product or exposure. So, I wash my hair every 3 days to keep it looking bouncy and also so it will style/curl and straighten easily.

See What I Mean....

azul hair collection brazilian wavy clip in human hair extensions when clean and dirty

 Pictured: Brazilian Wavy Clip In Hair Extension 2 Sets of 14 and 16 Inches

*Brazilian Afro Kinky, Kinky Curly and Kinky Straight do not need washing as often as the moisture and use of product to tame the mane is necessary.

Monthly Conditioning

Okay ladies! This is human hair and it is yours bought it and paid good money for it! It is VERY IMPORTANT to deep condition your Brazilian human hair extensions at least once a month. Especially if you have the Brazilian Kinky and Afro curly hair. Deep conditioning keeps the strands of your hair extensions strong and the texture pattern strong. Below are the 2 inexpensive deep conditioning treatments I use and get great results:

best conditioners for azul hair collection human hair extensions 

 Pictured Products: L'Oreal Elvive Deep Conditioner and Wella Deep Conditioner


What Styling Products You Should Use

I will need to break this question down according to which Brazilian human hair texture you have purchased. Feel Free to scroll through to find your texture.

Brazilian Kinky Curly and Afro Kinky Textures 

The natural textured hair can be styled and managed with your typical natural hair care products. If you need a good  natural hair beauty blogger to seek out. I would suggest Ms. Naturally Mary . Here are the following products I suggest for styling this hair:

azul hair collection best products for our natural brazilian human hair extensions



Brazilian Wavy, Kinky Straight and Straight Textures

Body Wave, Kinky Straight and Silky Straight Brazilian Bundles Hair Care Instructions by Azul Hair Collection

These textures are very versatile! Especially the wavy as it has the natural pattern pictured above but it is also fun to wet and scrunch to get more of a water wave or wet and wavy pattern. 

Wither you want to straighten your Brazilian wavy or curl your Brazilian straight hair, the best practice is to start with CLEAN hair before styling!

Follow These Steps:

1. Apply a light coat all over of the Creme of Nature styling foam while the hair is still a little damp.

creme of nature stylish foam

2. Once the hair is dry, apply a dime sized amount of argon oil on the hair. 

argon oil for brazilian human hair extensions


3. If you are straightening, then make sure to use the flat iron with a brush and/or come method to get your best results. If you are curling, make sure to use HIGH heat settings as Brazilian hair strands are very thick and require a lot of heat to bend and stay!

how to straighten brazilian human hair extensions by azul hair collection

4. Finish off your look with a bit of light hairspray to ensure your style stays blowing in the wind without loosing it's form.


Brazilian Exotic Wave Hair Care Instructions by Azul Hair Collection
Sassy curl hair care instructions by azul hair collection


The Exotic Wave hair texture is the newest texture option to our collection! This texture can give you luscious bohemian curls and/or a water wave feel.

This texture does require a different type of maintenance as it is more of a curly texture. Curly textures require a great deal of moisture help to prevent the frizz and matting issue.

Washing This Texture:

Once per week is all that is need for washing this hair. If you need to wash it more than that, I suggest washing the hair with just conditioner. Too much shampooing will strip the moisture out of the hair.

Product Suggestions -

azul hair collection hair care instructions shampoo and conditioner, dove, patene, head and shoulders

Conditioning This Texture:

As aforementioned, you need to make sure and keep this hair moisturized. That means using our suggested conditioners after EVERY wash. Just let the conditioner set on the hair for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Product Suggestions - 

best conditioners for azul hair collection human hair extensions

Styling This Texture:

Exotic Wave has 2 main look options. Either using a larger barrel curling wand or more of a wash and go wet/wavy look.

If you desire to get that barrel curl look. We suggest you set the hair with a bit of our suggested Aussie Miracle Curl Frizz Taming cream and rods. You would need to do this while the hair is damp and let air dry for best results.

Aussie Miracle Curl featured in Azul Hair Collection hair care suggestions page


Another option to achieve this look is to dampen the hair and apply a coin size amount of the Aussie Miracle Curl Frizz Taming cream on the hair. Using you blow dryer on low heat and a diffuser. Dry your hair. Once dry use a barrel curling iron to style the curl.



The wash and go option is much simpler. Again, start with damp hair (either using a spray bottle or freshly washed). Use a coin size amount of the Aussie Miracle Curl Frizz Taming cream on the hair and just scrunch it!



You Are All Set!


What Hair Color To Use

YES! You can color and bleach this hair!

It is so strong - it can take the chemical heat - LOL! My only disclaimer is that if you are using bleach on your hair to make sure you know what you are doing as you can over process your hair which will cause major shedding. 

For Bleaching (however, all brands are the same)


Hair Color Brands We Love

best hair color hair dye products to use for azul hair collection brazilian human hair extensions