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Business Partnership Program

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Here at Azul Hair Collection, we aim to not just provide you with excellent quality Brazilian Virgin Hair and top notch customer service. We also want to be a resource to you for all your hair and beauty needs.

As a minority owned, woman owned business, we strive to use our platform as an aid to other business like ourselves!


Meet Our Current Partners:

Jessika F with Azul Hair Collection Business partnership program


In 2020, the beginning, Jessika F. Owner and Operator had a very embarrassing and bad experience at a hair salon. “The stylist who I went to see at this hair salon talked very badly and loudly about my hair and my edges in-front of other customers and also to her coworkers while working on my style. This stylist rudely grabbed a can of black spray and sprayed it on my edges and stated “ Girl you don’t have no edges,(while laughing at me)here, this spray will help”.

This individual did not do what a good stylist is supposed to do, she did not educate me on how to make my hair grow in properly and she embarrassed me, making me tear up instantly. After this occurred the thought of hair growth came to mind and I researched and researched to find out how I could get my own hair to grow and flourish without seeking help from a stylist in a salon.. Then October of 2020, my hair oil came to life, it had not been named yet. With my spouses support, I tinkered with a variety of growth formulas for over 6 months, finally I found a formula that worked and me and my spouse began to see changes.. My hair started to shine more. My dandruff went away and all my protective styles began to grow out quicker than they ever have.

My spouses beard stopped shedding and his length started to show. Once I began to see these results, we said it’s time to tell the world about this oil.. Then LoveHerHair Oil came in 2021, I began to produce and sell my oil. After my oil started to do well, I then had another thought.. “ I want to sell women’s hair accessories and I want to design Hair Racks. Then LoveHerHair LLC was born and I could not be happier with the decision I made.

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