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Best Hair Color for Black Women

hair colors for black women 2023

Best Hair Color for Black Women

2023 is an exciting year for hair colors, and black women have a lot of different colors to choose from. Perhaps you could call it a year of blends because there are lots of interesting matching and blending going on this year.

Here’s a list of the best hair colors for black women in 2023. Even celebrity stylists agree with this list!


Brownie hair color

 Who said brown hair was ordinary? Your brunette hair will be looking nothing short of delicious and dimensional when you add lowlights to create depth and contrasts.

You can achieve this by adding subtle golden-brown tones to your brown hair to keep the brownie hair cool, or adding warm highlights to create more of a caramel look that’s more outgoing.

brown hair color black woman


Get that sun-kissed effect on your hair with the ombre hair color that celebrities like Nicole Byer have rocked lately. The beautiful Ombre style begins as a full color-on-top look, and then becomes lighter mid-length, and at the end.

If you’re sporting natural hair or curly hair, ombre will look so great on you as one shade blends smoothly into the other. You can also ask your stylist to throw in subtle pops of color.

With ombre hair, you won’t even be needing touch-ups for as long as you carry the style.

ombre hair black women

Violet Brunette

Another variation to your brunette hair that looks just beautiful is the

violet-brown hair that wakes up your hair color with a bang!

 If you want to get the light onto your hair without going all red, then adding violet over your brown hair is the best way to achieve it. The best way to get the right color depth is to use deep violet or amethyst semi or demi-permanent color over your dark brown hair. This hair color will need toning every four weeks once the color begins to fade.

violet hair color black women

Vibrant-red hair color

Go bold with vibrant red hair color that is still trending in 2023. You don’t need to be walking the red carpet to adorn this bright red color that Megan Thee Stallion has fallen in love with.

You can go as red as you want by choosing the shade of hair color that’ll deliver the depth of color you need, and leaving your stylist to do the rest.

Frequent maintenance and touch-ups are a part of the mix, so know that before you get the red in.

vibrant red hair black woman

Espresso hair color

If there’s one point where black women and white women meet in the middle, it is with the expresso hair color. This deep-brown hair color is rich and saturated, which is what most of the trending colors in 2023 are all about. 

You can get the expresso hair color using a dark hair gloss or a hair dye, but you’ll be needing a color-treated hair shampoo to protect the color from getting stripped away. 

expresso brown hair color black woman


Feel free to explore these beautiful colors in 2023 and keep your hair lively all year round. If you’re worried about the possible damaging effects of exposing your hair to hair dyes and bleach, you can opt for custom colored wigs in the colors of your choice and rock them while keeping your hair

custom color wig

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