Bob Lace Wig For Black Women - What To Look For in 2021 – Azul Hair Collection

Bob Lace Wig For Black Women - What To Look For in 2021

Bob Lace Wig For Black Women - What To Look For


The Bob Haircuts That Are Trending for 2021

Glamour UK has deemed that the bob hair cut will be the next trending style in 2020. In their most recent article, they outlined the do's and dont's of creating the perfect bob cut to fit your face and style.
Now, I have to say with all the craze going on about the trending bob cut in 2020, I have not seen many articles written about bob cuts/styles for ethnic hair. As well, I am sure none of us are willing to follow this trend to the point of cutting our precious natural hair.
So, where are all the lace wig bob styles for black women?
More importantly, what should we be looking for as we shop to ensure we nail the perfect bob look for ourselves?!?
Keep scrolling to see our shoppers guide to purchasing the perfect lace wig bobs for black women...

bob lace wig for black women

The Right Cut Of A 2020 Trending Bob Hairstyle 

There was a time of the angle bob. I love the angled bob - I sported it myself. However, the growing trend this year is the blunt cut bob. Wither you like your bob long or jaw length, keep it blunt!
I absolutely love IAmErickaJ Channel. She really does a great job in the how to's and the DIY's of human hair extensions. Check out this video on how to cut a blunt bob. This is for all you DIY'ers out there.

With the DIY method you are going to want to purchase your lace wig unit in 2 inches longer length than the bob length you are wanting. The reason for this is, that most wig units tend to be thinner at the base of the unit and it will give for not so thick consistent bob look.
For example, if you are wanting a jaw length bob cut (which is about 10 inches). You are going to want to purchase a 12 inch wig unit to ensure you have a thick and consistent look.
Lastly, make sure you purchase a thick one! Something in the neighborhood of 180% density on up is going to help you achieve a natural looking bob wig unit.

best u part wig and closure wigs

Which Type Of Bob Lace Wig Should I Buy?

I am going to be honest with you here.
This is a trend for 2021 and really it is about the short classic bob. So the hair length would not be more than 12 inches. In my opinion, I would shop the lesser expensive options for a bob lace wig.
My top choices for a black women to achieve a bob hairstyle would be a U-Part wig unit or a Closure lace wig.  
You can typically find these types of units pretty inexpensively and they are easy to take on and off. As well, it's an excellent protective style using virgin hair extensions.
These 2 methods, will allow you to access and clean your hair and scalp far easier than doing a sew-in, lace front wig or full lace wig method.
Less glue to use and less maintenance!

bob lace wig for black women by azul hair collection #azulhaircollection

 Shop The Most Versatile Textures First!

I am all about having as many different wigs, HD frontals, clip ins and ponytail human hair extensions in your collection. However, I am also pocket conscious.
Your virgin hair collection should always make sense!
This is a seasonal trend that will one day expire. Again, the lace wig you purchase will be on the shorter end of the spectrum. So you want to choose this wig texture carefully.
Our Brazilian Wavy texture gives you all that you need. You can achieve a scrunched (almost jheri curl texture wig) look. As well, the wavy texture units curl very nicely with whichever new curler you find. Lastly, it get bone straight with ease.
My vote is to go with the wavy as the other textures are great but limiting.

human hair lace wig bobs for black women by azul hair collection @azulhaircollection

To Color or Not To Color?

The classic bob hair cut comes from the 17th century. It was a time when woman started to find their independent voice and fashion sense with their hair. It also represents a strong, classy woman. 
You will notice the 2020 bob trend flaunts of natural tones in color. From Kim Kardashian to Jessica Alba. They are all sporting natural hair colors with perhaps a touch of sun kiss.
So, if you want to stay with this trend, keep it real and go with your a tone that is natural for your skin.

bob lace wig for black women


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