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Can One Swim With Clip In Human Hair Extensions...Let's Talk About It

Can i swim with clip in hair extensions?

The short answer is YES!
However, there are a few things you need to make sure you keep in mind.
1. Are Your Hair Extensions 100% Human Hair?
This is important as you are exposing your hair extensions to chemicals and/or salt water (so, either a pool or a beach). Both the pool water and beach water are hard on hair. It is VERY important that you are certain your hair has no added chemicals or synthetic fibers in it. If so, it will become so tangled and unmanageable after you swim.
2. Placement of Your Clip ins Human Hair Needs to Be Strategic!
You will need to remove the clips in hair from the very top and very bottom of your head. Those areas are most stressed when wearing hair extensions and typically is not the thickest part of your natural hair. You want to only have clip ins in the area of where your hair is thickest. This will prevent them slipping out or causing unbearable stress on your natural hair. Also, try and braid your hair into 2 low ponytails or a french braid before entering the water if you can for added support. ( I rarely do this part by the way but I should!)
3. Take Care of Your Hair Extensions Afterwards. 
This is a 'duh' statement but I have to mention it. After your swim, make sure to take your hair extensions out completely and wash and condition thoroughly. You want to rid your hair extensions of any chemicals or salt the water you were swimming gladly provided you.
4. Okay Ladies, This Hair is CLIPPED IN! So, don't get crazy! If you dive in the water or have crashing waves it probably is not a good idea. The method above really is for a nice chill, dipping and lounging day at the beach or pool. It is definitely not a good idea if you are planning on going water skiing or jet skiing. Any huge rushes of water to your hair will jerk your clip in hair extensions loose, it will cause stress to your natural hair and scalp and ultimately fall out. So, you know, use common sense.
The Short Answer is YES...
I use clip ins exclusively at this point and I LOVE swimming with my Brazilian clip in hair extensions. In the photo above, I am wearing our Brazilian Kinky Curly Clip In Hair that I custom dyed myself. I highly suggest them for vacation hair as they are super easy to manage and blend with natural hair . Also, you can allow them to air dry while you are at the cocktail bar of your hotel gazing at the stars with friends.
If you are interested in purchasing this hair, click here!
Talk To You Soon!
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