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Do micro bead hair extensions damage your hair?

Are microbeads damaging?

Do micro bead hair extensions damage your hair? 

Every day, the number of hair extensions out there is increasing, and they  all come with their unique styles and fittings. Now, micro bead hair  extensions are the rave of 2021, and everyone wants to get a piece of it. 
However, some ladies are hesitant about microbeads. They wonder how  safe the hair extension is for your hair and whether or not it damages the  hair. 
To address these concerns, we'll be doing a review on microbeads,  including what they are, what you can expect, and whether or not they  damage your hair. 

What Are Micro Bead hair Extensions? 

Micro bead hair extensions are made from pure human hair and attached to  the head with tiny beads that hold the hair in place. It is done in a simple  process during which a small bead is used to clamp small wefts of extension  to your natural hair. Your hairstylist will tighten the bead to hold your hair  in place, and you'll have the added volume and length you desire. 
Micro bead hair extensions come in different lengths and colors, depending  on your preference. 

How Long Do Micro Bead Hair Extensions Last? 

Micro bead extensions can last for a long time with proper and regular  maintenance. Most micro bead hair extensions can last for six months to  one year. 
Micro bead hair extensions are also reusable, so you can take them out, set  them aside, and use them again after a while. 
However, an important management tip is to avoid using oil-based  products when you have the extensions on. 
Your hair extension also requires regular maintenance every four weeks to  have it in the best condition. You can also prolong its lifespan when you 
follow through with the recommended hair care products, including styling  protection and deep treatment. 
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Pros and Cons of Micro Bead Hair Extensions 

As you would expect from hair extension methods, microbeads and their  application methods come with their advantages and disadvantages. You  should consider them closely before making a decision 
  • Heat and glue-free application method that reduces damage when  compared to other application methods
  • The beaded extensions come in several colors, so you can find the one  that matches your hair color. 
  • Micro bead hair extensions are easy to adjust, wash, and style. 
  • People with thin or short hair might find it hard to use microbeads  hair extensions because they might be more visible. 
  • Micro bead hair extensions take a long time to apply 
  • Micro bead hair extensions could cause discomfort on the scalp. 

Do Micro Bead Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair? 

This is where things get a little tricky. We have established that micro bead  hair extensions have a safe application process that is free of glue, heat, and  chemicals, making them healthy for your hair. 
However, micro bead extensions will cause stress to the hair and scalp  that's quite unavoidable. The weight of the hair extension is placed directly  to your hair, so if the extension is too heavy, it could continually pull on  your hair.
Hair shedding is another activity that can prove hard to manage. Naturally,  our hair sheds between 80 and 100 strands daily. These strands could get  caught up in the bead and become knotty and matted. 
When you don't manage the hair properly and get it maintained every few  weeks, you could be in for a serious tangling issue when you're ready to take  it off. It could even become difficult to brush and style it. 
Many women who managed their micro bead hair extensions properly have  testified of an easy process with minimal damage. 
The rule is never to miss a maintenance session every 4 weeks and use the  right products for a damage-free micro bead hair extension.
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