Halo Hair Extensions For Black Women - The Ultimate How - To Guide

Halo Hair Extensions For Black Women - The Ultimate How - To Guide

How To Install Halo Hair Extensions...


Halo Hair Extensions For Black Women - The Ultimate How - To Guide

If you love the way hair extensions make your natural hair look longer and fuller, then you would absolutely love halo hair extensions. It is fantastic that these extensions come in different colors and shades that will fit your brown or black hair perfectly. 
If you haven’t heard of halo hair extensions before now, you are about to discover the new hair extension that has black women raving right now. 
Many black women are asking lots of questions about halo hair extensions; how does it fit? Is it easy to install? Can I get a kinky straight halo hair extension in my color? How is halo hair extension different from other extensions?
I am going to be answering all your questions concerning halo hair extensions, and I will show you why they are the absolute best for black women going natural right now.

What Are A Halo Hair Extensions? 

Think of a halo hair extension as a hidden crown that comes with wavy, curly or straight hair that fits perfectly with your natural hair. 
The hair on a halo extension is wefted onto a comfortable fabric, and also comes with clips to secure it tightly to your head. 
The halo hair extension comes with a durable and adjustable elastic band to help the halo sit properly on your head like a crown.

 How to fit your halo hair extension 

The first step to fitting your halo extension is to try it on and adjust it to your size using the adjustable plastic band. Make sure it is not too tight, as it might make you uncomfortable during the day.
You will be placing your halo two inches away from your hairline and ear. It should go round your hair and sit a few inches above the back of your head as well; just like a crown.  
Once you have set it to your size (bearing in mind long-term comfort and snugness), clamp the beading that holds the plastic band using small pliers, so the twine doesn’t slide off and then cut off the extra parts. 
Brush out your hair extension to take out the tangles if any.

How to install your halo hair extension 

Part your hair in a clean circle two inches away from your hairline using a cutting comb or tail comb and park your hair up in the middle.
When installing your hair, take note of the elastic band and place it in front of your head, exactly where you parted your hair.
Check from both sides of your ear to make sure the halo band sits evenly.
Then, hold the plastic band down in the middle and pull the back down slowly until it rests properly on the parting at the back of your head. 
Depending on the length of your hair, you would need the clips to secure your hair extension further. Use some or all the clips to fasten the hair extension to your natural hair, so it sits snugly.
Once your halo hair extension fits perfectly, untie your hair and comb it out to cover your hair extension on every side. 
When combing the front of your hair, make sure you don’t have any hair lying directly under the wire. Comb your hair out properly to cover the plastic band on all sides, especially in front. 

How to style your halo hair extensions

After installing your beautiful hidden crown, the next thing to do is style it properly so your hair blends in smoothly with your hair extension.
I will be explaining this stage using the kinky straight halo hair extension. 
You would need to apply Argan Oil and the Cream of Nature Argan Oil Foaming Lotion to give it moisture and shine.
After applying your foaming lotion, use a flat iron to stretch your hair with the kinky halo hair extension until they are both smoothened. 
You can style or part the front of your hair however you want.  
So you see, a kinky straight halo hair extension is not only easy to install, but also easy to style. 
At the end of this process, your hair will be looking longer, fuller, and natural, and you are good to go. 
Halo hair extensions are going to be the rave for a long time, so you might want to jump on the trend now!

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