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Here’s all you should new about the Butterfly Cut hairstyle that’s setting TikTok and YouTube on Fire!!

Butterfly cut


With the rave right now, you cannot spend a few minutes on TikTok without coming across people with the world-famous butterfly cut, and we have TikTok stars Matilda Djerf and Addison Rae to thank for that.

While it might seem like butterfly looks are making their first-ever entry into the hairstyle and fashion scene, this is more like a comeback, but with a different name.

This hairstyle was popular in the 90s, especially amongst the classiest of celebrities at the time, including Iman, Pamela Anderson, and Cindy Crawford.

The beautiful dualistic hairstyle is back and it has been named the "butterfly haircut" by hairstylist Sunnie Brook because you can rock both long and short hair at the same time and in different styles.


What is a butterfly cut and who can rock it? 

A butterfly cut is a layered haircut with two sections: long layers that go below the shoulders, and short layers that are 2 to 3 inches below the chin. While the long layers deliver the illusion of length, the short ones add volume to your face.

It is the ultimate trendy hairstyle that’s even more attractive because it suits all hair types, provided it is done right. Whether you have thin and fine hair or thick, curly hair, your stylist can design a butterfly cut that suits you.

The essential idea is to consider the shape of your face and your jawline to ensure that the cut stops at the right point while blending into the layers behind.

Although butterfly cuts can be done on all hair types, experts say it works best on dense or curly hair. If you have fine, thin hair, then your butterfly cut might look scanty and stringy.

Butterfly cut curly hair

However, clip-in hair extensions can save the day and add the density and fullness you need to get the full visual effect. You’ll also need to use

texturizing spray for your fine hair.

Styling a butterfly haircut

After creating your effortlessly beautiful butterfly cut, you’ll need to be on top of your game with hairstyling to get the best effect every time you step out with your hair.

You can allow your hair layers to bounce as you go about provided you get the parting right and apply hair products for protection. On the other hand, you can make a beautiful ponytail with your butterfly cut by pulling up the longer layers and leaving the shorter ones to frame your face as they fall. The result is a cascading hair-do that needs no extra styling. You can also get your butterfly cut into a simple bun in a few steps. 


butterfly cut

Short hair? Bob cut? Here’s a way to get the butterfly cut going!

Do you know that you can transform your bob cut into a butterfly cut in a few minutes? 

If you’re already rocking a bob, don’t think the butterfly cut isn’t for you because it can be. All you need is clip-in or tape-in extensions and you can create your short and long layers.

Add the extensions at the back of your hair, trim them into place, and you have two layers; the short ones in front, and the long ones behind.

You can create a DIY butterfly cut or visit a hairstylist to help you with it.

Clip in hair extensions


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