How NOT To Buy Bad Hair Extensions Online


"How do I know that the hair bundles I am purchasing online is good quality hair extensions?"

The world of hair extension is vast! Everyone and their Mama is selling hair - especially online! This is a difficult question to answer but there are so key things to look forward when Googling hair extension to buy.
Here are some easy hair extension online buying tips:
1. Do they boast about the hair being Remy, Virgin or 100% human hair extensions?
2. Are their hair extensions chemically treated? If you are buying hair that has been color treated, then yes, the hair HAS BEEN CHEMICALLY TREATED.
3. Does the online store mention that the bundles are from a single donor?
4. What is their return policy or warranty? REALLY IMPORTANT!
5. You get what you pay for. So if the price is too good to be true, then it probably is not truly 100% human hair extensions. Cheap hair bundles is a 'crap shoot'! It is better to pay decently for human hair extensions than cheap hair.
6. Once you receive your hair, when you open the package does the hair look like
    what was on the website? If not, return ASAP!
7. When you open your hair, does it have a funny, corn chip or funky smell? If so,
    return ASAP.
8. Reviews! This one can be difficult as there are a lot of paid influences who will 
    give great reviews on human hair extensions but may not be telling you the truth.
    My advise search YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Reddit for reviews on a 
    company. You may not find a whole lot of reviews but the few they have should     
    be good and consistent among hair extension users.
There you have it! The quick and dirty on purchasing human hair extensions online. 
I cannot end this post until I also mention that your local beauty supply store is the worst place to shop for human hair. Most of the beauty shops buy from HUGE manufacturers that chemically treat the hell out of the hair to have something to present to you that looks of quality. ALSO, you will not get your best deal at a beauty supply store either - their markups on hair are ridic for the quality you receive.
Purchasing remy/virgin/100% human hair online is a GREAT option. You will have to be a bit of a Sherlock Holmes but it is worth it!
Good Luck and feel free to send me an email at with any further questions you may have. I am here to help!
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Talk to you next time...
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