How To Choose Between Wigs and Other Hair Extensions Applications in 2021

How To Choose Between Wigs and Other Hair Extensions Applications in 2021

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Choose Between wigs or extensions

Wigs and hair extensions are similar, but they both serve different purposes so you will need to understand their different properties. A shopper must learn the difference between the two in order to determine which one best suits her or his needs.

How To Choose Between Wigs and Other Hair Extensions Application azul hair collection


The biggest difference between the two is the portion of the head that the hair accessory covers. While a wig covers a woman’s entire scalp. Hair extensions cover only a portion of the scalp. Hair extensions sometimes might not cover any of the scalps and could simply be used to extend the length of the woman’s hair.

Advantages of Using A Wig

Wigs have a longer lifespan compared to clip-in hair extensions because they can be taken off at night thus reducing hair friction leading to quicker aging of the hair.
It is quick and easy to put on compared to hair extensions. You must ensure the wig is securely placed on the head to ensure snugness and to avoid any mishaps. They come in different cap sizes, elastic bands and/or straps to adapt to different head sizes.
Wigs are great for hiding natural hair issues, such as thinning hair, hair loss or even the coarse hair. It can help you return the confidence quickly that often comes from a thick head of hair.

hair loss use a wig by azul hair collection


Wearing a wig can protect the health of your hair from damage, as it gives your hair a break from harsh styling and coloring routines. Wigs can also protect your budget since you won’t need as many salon appointments. Instead of coloring your own natural hair, you can choose to wear a wig and save your hair from harsh bleach and chemicals.
You can change your look quickly, with ease and even short periods of time. Our wigs will look undetectable and natural. If you have wigs with different patterns and/or colors you just have to put them on and you are ready to rock.
Hair color and hairstyle can be changed easily to suit the occasion.

Advantages of Using Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are attached to your hair strands so they are and feel more secure.
It is also the best choice when you want to extend your hair length or add volume to your real hair since it blends perfectly with your natural hair if you use the same texture.

clip in hair extensions azul hair collection


Extensions are flexible than wigs when it comes to styling. If you enjoy coming up with different hairstyles for your hair, extensions would be a better choice since you can style hair extensions just like you would do your natural hair. Human hair extensions can easily be curled, straightened, and styled according to the desired hairstyle.
If you wear hats or caps, extensions give more comfort than a wig.
It can improve the overall appearance of your natural hair while adding beauty and confidence for the individual wearing them.
With windy weather it’s possible that clips at the root may show, revealing that you’re wearing extensions.

wig in the wind azul hair collection

It can only part the hair where there are no clips installed which might limit the styling options.
There are different ways to install hair extensions but in general, it will add pressure on your hair which may cause stress on your hair and scalp problems.


To Sum All This Up

Hair extensions require time to install and a hairstylist appointment if you don’t have experience installing it yourself. However, it is by far the best option for anyone looking to try multiple looks, hair colors and styling. Using human hair extensions properly will not only protect the hair you do have but also give your hair a chance to grow!


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