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How To Install and Style A Curly Pixie Cut Transparent Lace Wig

Installing a pixie wig

Installing A Curly Pixie Wig

Wigs are becoming the biggest thing as far as hair is concerned and hair stylists are making magic with different hairs.  

Flawlessly styling a wig so much that it looks like a person’s natural hair is becoming a much sought after skill. 

There are different kinds of wigs to style from simple to complex, long to short, and there are also many ways to style the different types of wigs. 

Whether you are a hair enthusiast who wants to go through as many hair types and styles as possible with ease or you are simply looking for a hair change, a pixie cut transparent lace wig is definitely something worth a try. 

This pixie cut wig comes with a transparent lace that you can color and style to match your skin color. It is also super cute and easy to style especially for the summer. 

  • Comb your natural hair smoothly and make sure it slips all the way down. Pack it with a rubber band to keep it together (alternatively, you can plait your hair in cornrows).
  • Get a wig cap and wear it over your natural hair.
  • Tint your lace with a make-up foundation that is your skin color: this is to blend the lace with your skin color and make-up.
  • Tint the entire lace with your foundation inside out all the way down to the edges. It should match your skin perfectly by the time you have tinted it properly. 
  • Position your wig on your head. Pull the wig on from back to front and adjust it properly with the now blended lace resting on your forehead. 
  • Use a headband to push the hair out of the way, leaving only the lace in the front of your face.
  • Trim the extra lace hanging on your face. Make sure to trim it very close to the root of the wig and take out all excesses.
  • After trimming the lace, lift the wig away from your forehead and apply invisible glue (GOT 2B GLUE to your forehead where the front of the wig will rest (make sure it is away from your hairline).
  • Use a handheld hair dryer to dry the glue until it is tacky.
  • Gently replace your wig to your forehead placing the lace frontal directly on the glue. Use a tail comb to press the wig directly on the glue (avoid using your bare hands). Apply pressure with your fingers on the tail comb as you press in the edges. 
  • Your wig is now ready to be styled however you want. 

Styling options for Curly Pixie Cut Transparent Lace Wig

  • Lay your edges by shedding them to bring out a more natural look.
  • Dampen your hair by spraying with a conditioner/water solution and styling foam. 
  • Comb through with a small comb and watch your hair smoothen and take shape beautifully. Your edges will also become more distinct as your hair relaxes.
  • Apply Aussie curl cream to your palm and rub it through your hair making sure it reaches every part
  • Your hair will not only become sleek but also easy to part and style however you want (it will look and feel just like your natural hair would).
  • Part your hair in front on both sides and hold up the middle with a hairband 
  • Spray your hair again with the conditioning mixture and further define your edges. 
  • Your hair is ‘beautiful’ to go


  • Comb your hair all the way back, bring out more edges and let them lie on the side of your face giving you a natural-looking edge.  
  • Dampen your hair all over and dry with a hand dryer
  • When the spray dries on the hair the end result is a sleek and shiny hair-do that leaves you looking like a queen.
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