How to Install Bob Wig for Black Women by azul hair collection

How to Install Bob Wig for Black Women

Bob Wig for Black Women Are Growing In Popularity

 how to install a bob


One wig that is continually increasing in popularity among black women is the bob wig, and the reasons are numerous.
Bob wigs are stylish, comfy and chic, and they come in different lengths, cuts and patterns, that you never run out of options. 
Some standard options of bob wigs for black women include curly bob, straight bob, longer bob, short bob, wavy bob, kinky bob, bob with highlights and bob with bangs.
To install your bob wig, you would need the following: 
  • Light Hair Spray 
  • Ghost Bond Wig Glue
  • Got2B Glued Gel Spray
  • Cream of Nature Argan Oil Foaming Lotion
  • Styling combs
  • A hairbrush
  • A pair of scissors
  • Hairband 
Wig styling products
Here is a step by step guide on how to install bob wigs for black women. 
  • Braid your hair into cornrows and wear a wig cap
  • Get your bob wig with a frontal lace (a neutral coloured lace makes it easy to blend in with your skin colour and style appropriately.
  • wear your bob wig from back to front, apply a light hair spray to the root of your wig where it joins with your forehead
  • Hold your hair back with a hairband, so it is smoothened to the back of your head. Brush off your hair totally from the lace in the front of your head (you don’t want it getting in the way when trimming off the lace) 
  • Use a small pair of scissors to trim off the transparent lace following the frontal hair pattern. Be careful when cutting off the lace, and make sure you don’t leave excesses.
  • Lift the front of the wig away from your forehead slightly apply ghost Bond Wig Glue. The Glue will help the wig stick to your head without sliding off or moving.
  • Hold your hair down in front and allow in dry and stick to your head.
  • Run a comb through the wig, making sure that the edges are neat and natural-looking. Use a tiny tail comb to bring out some hair on both ends or use a hairpin to lay them out properly to look like your natural hair. 
  • Comb through your wig one more time, and you are good to go! 
Optional styling directives 
bob wig black woman
  1. Curl 
You would need a curling iron (1.5 barrel preferably), Got2B Glued Gel Spray, and a Cream of Nature Argan Oil foaming lotion.
  • Apply the foaming lotion on your hair through and through
  • Spray your hair with the Got2B Gel spray
  • Park your hair up and comb it out part by part and roll it on the curling iron.  
  • Hold it for a few seconds until it is hot enough and leave the curl to drop.
  • Do this until you have gone around your hair and curled every part.
  • Apply some more glued gel spray if you wish, to keep the curl on for longer. 
  1. Waves 
For wavy hair, you need a comb and a brush (after you have already curled your wig)
  • Use a medium-sized comb to comb through the wavy hair while retaining the bounce.
  • Then brush lightly with a wig brush, leaving the waves at the tip.

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