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How To Quickly Make Your Lace Wig Longer and Fuller Using a Halo Hair Extension

How To Quickly Make Your Lace Wig Longer and Fuller Using a Halo Hair Extension
How to make your wig longer
Did you know that you can add a halo hair extension to your lace wigs and make them fuller? I mean, how cool is that?
If you own a lace wig that is probably not as full as you wanted it to be, or not as long, you can remedy the situation by adding a halo hair extension.
This directive is a simple technique to customize your wig, save money, and look fantastic, all with little effort and creativity on your part. 
First of all, applying the halo extension to your lace wig works just the same way you install it on your hair. If you haven’t read my article explaining what a halo hair extension is and how to apply it to your natural hair, read it here
Now, let us get to the point and customize your lace with these simple steps that take no more than 2 minutes. 
  • Wear your lace wig on your hair and fit it on correctly. Comb or brush out your wig properly to remove tangles. 
  • Make a part on your lace wig, few inches away from your forehead. The part you are making is where the front of your halo extension will sit. Remember that the extension sits on your head like a crown, so you are mapping out the entire area where your halo will lie.
  • Create a circular part on your wig, leaving out some hair on all sides to cover your halo extension after installing it. Also, leave a few inches from the back of your head. Pack the hair parted in the middle, so it doesn’t mix up with the hair all around it.
  • Comb out your straight, kinky halo hair extension and begin installing it.
  • Start by placing the adjustable plastic directly on the part you made in front of your hair. The plastic twine should sit correctly in the space you made to adjust the back of your halo hair extension easily.
  • Once the front is set, hold down the plastic band with one hand and pull the other end of the extension gently to sit on the parting at the back of your head with your other hand. With the halo extension at the back and the elastic band firmly placed in front, you have successfully achieved a major step.
  • Loosen the parts of your lace wig you packed up in the middle and brush it out to cover the halo hair extension, especially in front of the band. 
  • Brush the lace wig and hair extension together thoroughly to ensure there is no visible difference between them, and they look natural. You will be pretty amazed at how they blend well together as long as the halo extension is of the same type and color as your lace wig, of course.
  • One look in the mirror will convince you that you just turned your lace wig into something new without having to visit the salon or spend all day.
Isn’t it just amazing that you can customize your wig and turn that lace wig into a brand new look rather than shelving it and getting a replacement?
This 2 minutes miracle is one more reason to love halo hair extensions if you are not already mad about it. 
I am crazy about halo hair extensions, and I hope that you are too. 

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