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How To Ventilate a Wig in 2021 (Step by Step Guide)

What Is Ventilating A Wig?

How to ventilate a wig
In simple terms, ventilating a wig means adding hair to a lace front wig. For decades, people have been sewing hair on wigs with a conventional needle. However, using a ventilating kit that includes a latch hook (a special needle) helps you accomplish the task faster. The kit is very affordable and easy to use whether you are a professional hairdresser or not.
Lace front wigs have recently been made in colorful options and styles. Therefore, if for instance, your natural hair color is a different shade than your preferred wig choice, you must ensure your hair doesn’t stick out of the wig. As a master wig maker, you should look forward to achieving a smooth outcome.
The platinum blonde wig that I am going to use in this article as a yardstick for describing my wig ventilation is in the picture above. It was delivered to me with a lush widow’s peak at the mid-hairline. The difficult part was the sideburn areas on both sides that could reveal your dark natural hair around your ears as shown:
You can create a guideline for yourself by using a pencil or chalk to map out where you want the new wig hairline to end. A little ventilating on the left side of the wig gave this result:


Now, here’s a list of what you need:
  • A wig with a lace front.
  • Few free strands of hair, the same color as your wig. You can get it either by cutting some from the back of the wig or you can buy extensions sold in packs on the market.
  • Ventilating latch hook or needle. You can order a ventilating kit online or purchase locally from a hairdressing salon or a wig shop. Use the smaller hook to make the work less tedious. The smaller needle picks up more than one hair strand at a time.
  • A sharp pair of scissors for trimming off the excess lace.
Ventilate a wig

A Step-by-step Procedure


Ventilating a wig doesn’t get better in wig making than doing it yourself! Follow these simple steps to obtain the result you desire.
Step 1:
Pin your wig to a mannequin head. Then, place a distinct color of material or tape beneath the section that needs ventilating. Here is what I mean:
Step 2:
From your free hair extensions, take around 15 to 30 strands and hold them between your fingers. Do that with your inactive hand. Loop the hair between your fingers to prevent the hair strands from tangling if you lose your thumb grip.
Step 3:
Keep the mannequin head on a surface where it won't be too clumsy for you to work. Your lap is a suggestion of where you can ventilate with ease.
A typical ventilating needle looks like the one in the picture above. It is just a curved needle having a pointed end with a tiny hook.
Step 4:
Hold the needle in your active hand while the loose hair looped between your fingers should be in your other hand. Then push the needle through a hole on the lace wig.
Step 5:
Fix some looped hair in your inactive hand on the hook. Pick single strands for sections close to the hairline and add more as you move inwards.
Step 6:
Now, with caution, pull out the hair strands through the lace wig. Don't worry because some hair will fall off as you practice. Just hold on to the end of the hair strands with your inactive hand.
Step 7:
Aim for the pre-pulled hair that hasn’t passed through the wig yet and grab it with the needle. Then wrap the pre-pulled hair through the pulled hair to obtain this:
Step 8:
The final step. Pull the hair ends through the loop to give a firm hold. You can either tug using the needle or use your inactive hand to pull the hair tips. You will get a resulting look that will make people believe the wig is your hair. Here are the final shots:
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