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IGK Hair Color.. What's To Know?

IGK hair color

The new hair color line that we’re crazy about! You should be too!

Don’t we all love the sound of something new to try with our hair? Perhaps a new style, haircut, or a fresh color to get that mane looking different. 

But what if I tell you that there’s an entire hair color line for you to try? 

No, it isn’t the basic shade of hue or blonde that you’re used to. It’s a line of 25 unique, next-generation hair colors. 

May I introduce you to IGK hair- the company responsible for the creation of this color line?


IGK Hair- Producers of the Salon Born, Colorist Approved, Next-generation at-home hair color.

IGK hair is a modern and innovative company with four founders- Justin Mckay, Chase Kusero, Jennifer Taylor, and Isa Figueroa. The founders have salons in three cities (New York, Miami, and Los Angeles) and work with a talented crew of stylists who work with them to create contemporary hair color and hair care that’s best for your hair.

These multi-talented stylists draw their inspiration from virtually everywhere, which is why you can be sure to get colors that are fascinating and never expected. 


The beautiful colors in this hair color line meet and exceed expectation

IGK hair has a color line with 25 signature shades that range from traditional colors to fun and unique ones, helping you to reinvent your hair.

IGK Color

These 25 colors are listed below as: 

French Riviera

Sunset lover

00:00 Black

Moon Dance

Out in Malibu

Stay Gold Baby

1-800 Expresso 

Original brown

But First Coffee

Mystic love

Movie night

Copper Cola

Almost Blonde

Dirty Blonde


French Rose

Astro Babe

Warm Up

Back to Brown

Hot Chestnut 


Surf Blonde

Pampas Blonde

Sunset Lover

Smoky Scarlet


Beyond their absolutely unique names, what stands about these colors is their unique hues and versatility. You can go from fun to serious, from professional to party, using these colors.

All colors in this color line are at-home colors, so you don’t have to visit the stylist or a salon, and you don’t need a lot of expertise to do this.

What is igk hair color?

IGK even has How-to tutorials on its website for people who aren’t used to at-home colors, so you cannot go wrong.

Going above and beyond the usual, you can actually explore and try out the 25 hair colors virtually before deciding on what you want. You can use the virtual try-on feature on the company website to see how the colors will turn out. 

You can also try the fun hair color quiz, which are a few questions you answer to help the experts suggest the best hair color for you to try.

If you would rather speak with the hair experts directly, you can also book a consultation on their website.


Tested and trusted hair colors and products 

All the hair colors and products belonging to IGK hair were created by experts and have been tested on clients without any side effects. They are Ammonia-free, Cruelty-free, Gluten-free, and Vegan, which is the future of health care.

All products are formulated with clean, healthy, and safe ingredients, and they are suitable for all hair types and textures. 

Visit their website and explore the new color trend that’s set to take over!

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