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Megan Fox Went Blonde - Blonde is Back!

Megan Fox Went Blonde - Blonde is Back!Megan fox blonde
Big news! Blonde is back, and it is back as a hairstyle to our favorite stars and celebrities, beginning with Megan Fox.
In a shocking style change, Megan Fox revealed a massive hair transformation on her Instagram page on Friday, October 8, 2021. The brunette actress is flaunting blond hair. Yes! Megan Fox Blonde is probably one of the hot searches of the month, and there's a lot to love about that.
The first thing many persons have noticed is the fact that her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly is blonde, so her switch looks like she's following in the footsteps of her boyfriend by changing her hair color. But is that all it takes to make a brunette icon like Megan Fox change her hair color?
megan fox and machine gun kelly
The caption of her selfie “This is what the devil’s daughter looks like” already let us in on the reason behind her massive hair color change, as she used the hashtag #JohnnyandClyde Coming Spring 2022”. 
In the upcoming action movie Johnny and Clyde starring Megan and Tyson Ritter, Megan plays the role of Alana, who is a crime boss, and now we have a reason to think Alana's character might be blonde.
Now that we're almost certain that Megan's hair change is for the movie, the next thing we're wondering is whether or not she made a permanent change to her hair, or if she is sporting a realistic blonde lace wig.
We have pieces of hints here and there, because the hairstylist, Miles Jeffries, who was tagged in Fox's original post reposted Megan's selfie on this account and tagged Merria Dearman, a talented wigmaker. The post is leading us to think that this dramatic change might be temporary, but who knows what message was being passed and which wasn't?
If you remember the comment made by Tom DeNucci, the director of Johnny and Clyde, in an interview for, in September, he mentioned that Megan would make a major change in her appearance that she has never put out before. Could this have been it?
Well, Fox had gone blonde before in 2o19 for a role as a war correspondent, Marguerite Higgins in the Korean War film Jangsa-ri 9.15. She also bleached her hair in 2015 for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, showing us that she could pull off blonde shades quite beautifully.
 But here's the big question; will we be seeing Megan Fox Blonde going forward even after the movie?
We've seen Anna Friel go blonde earlier in 2021 for her movie role, and even the New Zealand musician, Lorde went blonde in August for her music video, and of course, Billie Eilish is very much blonde right now!
With a buzzing new release of blonde wigs of different shades and styles coming out in 2021, it is easy to say that Blonde wigs are in for the new season.
So whether or not Megan Fox keeps her platinum hair permanently and matches with Machine Gun Kelly, or she changes her looks after the movie and goes back to being brunette, Blonde wigs are back, and it's a new season!
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