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PODCAST: How Does Your Man Really Feel About Your Hair Extensions?

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Interesting Conversations With Men..

Hey everyone, welcome to Azul Hair Collection website. I'm glad you're here and I'm glad you're listening to our podcast and occasionally we like to just get on the microphone and spilled the beans about what's going on with hair, give you some tips and tricks and so forth. So stay tuned. Today we have a new topic.
Okay, guys. Ooh, I have a very scratchy throat today, so I apologize. I am sipping on some coffee, which probably doesn't help a scratchy throat. I need to have some tea with lemon and honey in it. Um, but I need my caffeine this morning. Anyhow, I hope we're all doing well today.
I am back and want to talk to you today about something that I get into interesting conversations with people about, um, because I'm in an interracial relationship. My boyfriend, we've been together for a few years. He is from Spain but he looks white. We live in Atlanta primarily, but we travel a lot too. So when we were in Atlanta, most people are just thinking he's a white guy until he opens his mouth with his strong, gorgeous accent.

What Do Men Think About Hair Extensions?

I get questions around, you know, you are African American, he's Spanish, you have a hair extension company. Does he even know anything about hair extensions or what does he think about hair extensions? And I know that that is a conversation that a lot of women get into talks about, especially if you date inter-racially, but even though if you don't, it's like, what does your man think about hair extensions? I know I've got to say black men are much more well versed in hair extensions than other races are because we wear them so much more and we are more open about it. Still, I'm sure there's some stigma.

What My Brother Said...

So I have an older brother and I remember asking him not too far long ago, I'm like, how do you feel about me wearing hair extensions? And he's like, well, you look nice and you know, it's a good look on you, you look good and everything.
It's like, all right, you're being a dude, you know, digging a little deeper with me, like if you were dating a woman and maybe you didn't know her hair wasn't like growing out of her scalp but it looks good and natural, but once you found out that she had hair extensions, would you, would that make you feel some type of way? Would it change your opinion about her, what, you know, what, how do you feel?
So, his response to me was, you know, I prefer for women to have natural hair, but uh, as long as it looks natural, I really, I really don't mind, you know, of course, I would prefer her to have long natural hair, but as long as she looks good, I'm good.

Another Black Man Said...

So that was one guy's opinion. Um, another friend of mine who is African American guy. Um, so then he absolutely hates it when women aren't wearing their natural hair. He's, you know, very much so into blackness and black power. I am too, but you know, he likes his woman, his women, definitely black indefinitely, you know, with some kind of natural hair Afro. Uh, you know, he loves that whole look. So, uh, he said it's kind of a turn off for him if a woman is not wearing her natural hair, if she were wears hair extensions. Um, so I thought that was interesting too.
And then of course I had to ask my boyfriend who's originally from Spain, you know, what he thinks about women wearing hair extensions. And the interesting comment I got from him is just like, I honestly had no idea women wore hair extensions in Spain.  It's not that common. Um, is that something that you see a lot of blah blah, blah. And I had to stop him and say, well, I've been to Spain with you several times and I've noticed a lot of Spanish women have, you know, clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions or wigs on. So did you not recognize this? Like, honestly, I just didn't even know. And I did point some women out to him that he's like, Oh really? That's hair extensions. I couldn't even tell. So for him he's like, you know, as long as it looks good, I don't really care. It doesn't bother me at all. Uh, so that's interesting.
I thought, you know, coming from, you know, African American background versus the ones coming from another country and in an interracial relationship. Um, I have to say when I do take out my hair extensions and I have them laying on the counter or coloring them or doing something with them, he gets a little freaked out.
He's like, well, what does that, you know. But um, I got to say since we've been together for so long, he's grown to appreciate my beauty and my hair extensions as well. I'm not who.

What Are Your Experiences?

I'm curious about what you all think about hair extensions being in a relationship, whether it's interracial or same race, you know, what kind of feedback are you getting from your man? If any, about wearing hair extensions for they prefer it or they don't prefer it. So I look forward to your comments on this.
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All right guys. Have a good day. Or she'd say, girls, ladies, women, black women. All women.
Have a good day. Bye.


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