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Something More About Brazilian Human Hair Extensions in 2021

What Are The Different Type of Hair Extensions?

Different types of hair extensions

Hair extensions are the added pieces of hair over the natural hair to make one look more beautiful and attracting.
There are different hair extensions types which come across with different models, these includes:

Clip in Hair Extension

The make at the base is made of silicone or fabric material to allow it to open and close effortlessly.

Tape in Hair Extension

This kind of extension is glued directly to the natural hair then a heater tool is applied to ensure the extension sticks well.


Is applied through sewing using a needle to the cornrow. Due to its technique of application, the sew in extension is most suitable for the thick hairs.

Why Brazilian Hair Extensions?

Brazilian hair extensions are preferable more due to their shinning nature, high quality and tolerate extreme heat.
Brazilian hair extensions possess a different and better thickness, color, length, and styles.

Ways to Care For Human Hair

Washing permanent hair extension.
Treat them like the natural hair through the use of sulfate free shampoo, use of conditioner, washing the extensions three to five times a week and thoroughly drying it using the necessary drying agents.
Wash the clip in human hair extensions.
The washing ensures no accumulation of dirt in the clip which can reduce the shininess.
Also, brushing the extensions, applying heat protectant spray, wearing a rip cap and replacing them when they become old.

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