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The Brave E-Girl Hairstyles..

E girl hair

See the new TikTok Hair Trend That’s only the Brave- E-Girl Hairstyles

The E-Girl hairstyle is a creation of some female online gamers and it is quite similar to the scene trend of the early 2000s, except that there’s some modern and artistic twist to it this time.

You can identify the E-girl hairstyles by the 90’s color streak in contrasting colors and gentle pastel shades that most time goes hand-in-hand with hair accessories from the 90s.

TikTok has brought this hairstyle to the limelight and we see many ladies fearlessly attempting it. 

Guess what? Several celebrities and style icons are also rocking the E-Girl hairstyle right now.

Ready to look like an emo girl or your favorite cartoon character?


Here are some trending E-Girl Hairstyle trends you can jump on

Braided E-girl Hairstyles

Do you know that you can braid those chunky e-girl highlights and make them unique and beautiful? The texture is what’s most important in the last part of the hairstyle.

Braided E Girl Hair     

Butterfly Clips

Butterfly clips are perfect for you if you don’t think you’re brave enough to try E-girl hairstreaks. The beautiful butterflies can give your hair the TikTok vibe.

     Butterfly Hair clips

Colored Bangs

Your bangs shouldn’t be left out of the styling. Make your E-Girl hairstyle all the more unique with a black and blonde hair appearance. This beautiful part-light, par-dark hairstyle is one of the boldest statements you can make.

     egirl bangs

Chunky E-Girl Highlights

This chunky E-girl appearance can be achieved when you bleach the front area of your hair. It creates a highlight that contracts with all the other strands and stands out beautifully.

     E girl highlights


Colored Curtains

Colored curtains are a two-in-one hair trend that beats the TikTok smack and draws attention to your hair. To achieve an e-girl hairstyle that looks very natural, you can stick to the black hair look.

Coloring your bangs is a great way to attempt this look and not bother thinking about the upkeep of your hair.

     Curtain bangs

Dainty Streaks

Dainty streaks are just jaw-dropping when you pair them with dark brown hair. This beautiful E-girl look is also achievable with black hair color.

Dainty streaks


E-girl with Ash blond streaks and Black Hair 

Get dramatic and deliver a beautiful and edgy appearance with this E-girl style that’s a combination of ash blonde and black hair and sends a bold message.

     Black and blonde e girl

Half-Up E-Girl 

Nothing gets cooler than this half-up hairstyle. Using a black hair look for this style is one of the highly-contrasting hairstyles.

Choose a thicker section of hair to create a blonde color such as half-updo hairstyles.

     Half up E girl

Neon Fringe Highlights

Whether it’s the Pixies or the bobs, you can get into the E-girl look and look like a magazine cover celebrity when you use neon green highlights.

     Neon E girl


Complete your E-girl black hair appearance by adding bold colorful makeup and a moody aesthetic. Choose colorful makeup and bright-colored crunchies similar to your hairstreaks.

     e girl pigtails

Pretty in Pink

Need we say more? Pink is pretty and you can smash your E-girl appearance when you color the front of your hair a bright shade of pink.

Pink e girl


Pink Curtain Streaks

To get the best pink appearance, it is great to first lighten your hair before using the pink color. Even if you’re already naturally blonde, lightening it will make the color stand out bold and beautiful. 

     Pink streaks


Two-Tone Hair

Our E-girl hairstyle list is incomplete without two-tone hair. If you’re not sure what pastel color you want to choose, feel free to pick two and color your hair with both. The result is a beautiful color mix that’s the best of both colors.


two tone e girl hair

Vibrant Hues

This orange and blonde look takes us all the way back to the 90s and we still

love it just as much as we loved it in the past.


ginger e girl

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