The Flannel Hair Fall Color Trend That We're Crazy About

The Flannel Hair Fall Color Trend That We're Crazy About

Have you heard about flannel hair?what is flannel hair?

Can you ever get enough of hair trends? Because we can't! And with the latest flannel hair fall trend, we just want to go all-in and switch up to the new hairstyle Hollywood has brought our way.
If you've never heard of flannel-colored hair, you're probably wondering what it looks like right?
Well, flannel-colored hair is a beautiful combination of auburn, burnt copper, deep-red hues, and mulled wine. It is the perfect hair color for cool weather and brings to mind the classy print that college students, hipsters, and outdoor lovers will reminisce about.
Sharon Dorram from Sharon Dorram Color and famous hairstylist of the likes of Kate Hudson, Priyanka Chopra, Linda Evangelista, and Christie Brinkley has shed light on this coveted look to help us understand all about it. She talks about the best skin color for this hairstyle, the time of the year when it's most in vogue, and what beautiful thing about this hair trend stands out to us.
According to her, creating the flannel hair color is one of the most exciting things. It is great for people who need to take a break from the usual styles and do something opulent.
Sharon expresses that flannel hair color complements the skin and boosts the overall appearance.
There's often a spike in this hair trend around August because that's the time when people want to get off the over-bleached summer hair and get a style that gives a deep and beautiful hue to their hair.
It's no news, like hairstylist Steven Picciano points out, that clients go through several hair color cycles throughout the year to reflect the season. When we go from the golden summer locks, we can move to the bohemian bronze that's perfect as our tans fade and we move on to more opulent wardrobes.
One beautiful thing about the flannel hair fall color trend is that the red it embodies is flattering to all skin colors, so it is hard to go wrong.
Flannel hairstyles
George Papanikolas, the hairstylist of Debra Messing, Florence Welch, Julianne Moore, and Emma Stone believes that ladies with golden skin tones should go for oranges, golds, and coppers.
On the other hand, people with olive skin and darker complexion would look exquisite with milder blue-reds, such as auburn, merlot, and burgundy.
The ultimate modern look is gotten from the flannel hairstyle that weaves in several color tones. When you blend in colors in the orange, violet, and red family, you have a multi-dimensional hairstyle that's every bit as beautiful and effective.
At this point, you're probably wondering how you're going to maintain this hair shade, but there's nothing to worry about. 
Here is a youtube video on a burgundy colour we diyed in case you want to try it yourself.. 
Protect the hair from sun damage with a UV protectant spray and clean with sulfate-free shampoo once or twice a week.
If you're ready to go bold and beautiful with the flannel hair color, be ready to switch up your makeup and wardrobe to match your new hair shade. As expected, some patterns, colors, and makeup styles won't blend with your flannel hair.
For instance, you might have to say goodbye to the heavy eye and lip makeup and colors and embrace other shades, but that's not much of a chore is it?
Are you ready to try this flannel hair fall trend? Then, let's get in!

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