The Newest D.I.Y Trend In Hair Extensions Are Tape In Hair in 2022 – Azul Hair Collection

The Newest D.I.Y Trend In Hair Extensions Are Tape In Hair in 2022

What Are Tape In Hair Extensions?

All about tape in hair

Tape in hair extensions are strips of hair extensions with a tape of glue at the roots. You sandwich a thin strip of your hair between two tape in hair extensions. This method of hair extension application is very quick and easy to install. As well, tape in hair extensions give for he most natural and versatile wear in human hair extensions.

How Do you Apply Them?

Tape in hair extensions are applied by taking two pieces of the tape in hair and creating a sandwich with a thin strip of your hair in the middle.
  1. First part a thin section of your hair.
  2. Next, place the tape in hair extension under that parted section of hair and press at the root of your hair gently to adhere your hair to the tape in.
  3. Then, take another piece of tape in hair extension and place directly on top of the other piece. This will create that hair extension sandwich.
  4. Once you have both tape ins on the top and bottom of your parted section of hair, press firmly in the area of the tape. Then follow this with a couple taps with your flat iron over the tape in hair to further secure/melt the glue into place

Can You Tape In Hair Extensions Yourself – D.I.Y?

Yes, you can apply tape in hair extensions yourself. However, it is really important that you install your tape ins with clean parting and clean adherence to your hair. Anything other would end with having lumps and bumps as well as potential breakage of your hair.
Due to the fact these are so easy to install, you can fun any friend to help you!
Another installation tip is to ensure you have parted the correct amount of leave out to cover your tape ins. As well, that you place the tape in hair extensions in proper areas and density for a polished finished look.
With a quick google search you can find tape in hair extension placement charts to assist you in your D.I.Y journey!

How Much Do Tape In Hair Extensions Cost?

Alright down to those costing details of tape in hair extensions.
Tape in hair is made with 100% virgin human hair extensions. They are typically sold in a pack of 20 pieces which equals 10 sandwiches. A pack of 40 tape in hair extensions can range from $65 to $150.
The price is usually higher when you have tape in hair extensions with color, texture and long lengths.

How Many Tape In Hair Extensions Do I Need?

This will vary depending on your hair length, texture and desired outcome.
I will do my best to explain how to buy for your self in this chart below:

Type Of Look


Natural Hair Length

How Many Tape Ins Required

I Want More Fullness

If you are looking to have your hair have more density and volume, you will just need a booster pack


3 packs/60 pcs/30 sanwiches/avg 120 grams of hair

I Want More Length

If you are looking to have your hair have more density and volume, you will just need a booster pack plus some pieces to help blend your short hair with your longer hair extensions.


6 packs/120 pcs/60 sanwiches/avg 240 grams of hair

I Want More Length and Fullness

If you are looking to just recreate a entirely new you - this would require almost of full head of tape in hair.


9 packs/180 pcs/60 sanwiches/avg 360 grams of hair

Now, this chart is based off of buying straight texture hair extensions. If you decide to purchase wavy, curly or kinky textures, you may need one pack less.

How Long Do Tape In Hair Extensions Last?

Tape in hair extensions can last up to almost 3 months! This does depend on how fast your hair grows and also how well you take care of them.

Can You Re-Use Tape In Hair Extensions?

Yes! You can re use tape in hair extensions.
Once you have removed your tape in hair extensions from you hair. Make sure to clean them properly.
Then you can purchase  any hair extension tape to place on top of the existing used tape. Badabing! You can then re use them.

Are Tape In Hair Extensions Good For Your Hair?

Tape in hair extensions are just as good as any other hair extension. The main factor is HOW YOU TAKE CARE OF THEM!
I cannot stress this enough!
Our tape in hair extensions are infused with a keratin serum that further fortifies the root of your hair where the tape is attached to your natural hair.
When removing your tape ins, it is best to use a non-alcohol serum to help loosen and release the adhesive from your hair
When styling your hair with your tape ins, ensure not to comb or brush at the root of your tape ins.
Washing and conditioning still applies! Ensure your roots and your natural hair are also receiving proper oil and conditioning love.

Did I Get You Excited and Ready to Purchase?

This is a super affordable and natural way to wear hair extensions.
Many women are ditching the wigs – for now – and going for a more natural look these days.
Azul Hair Collection offers tape in hair extensions in straight texture. Get your tape ins customized in any texture you would like by adding on our Texture Match Service to your order of Straight Textured Tape In Hair Extensions. As well, we are more than happy to color match your Tape In Hair Extensions!
Simply, add our Custom Professional Color Service to your order and upload a color match photo for us to use as a guide.
We make it simple!
Texture match tape ins

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