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The Secret of Halo Hair Extensions for Black Women

the secret of halo hair extensions for black women blog by azul hair collection

There are several hair extensions to choose from these days with different features that make them unique. The most recent and by far most unique hair extension in the industry right now is the halo hair extension. 
If you haven’t heard about it them you have a lot to catch up on! If you have heard about halo hair extensions then you need to know just how unique it is and how it works. 

What Are Halo Hair Extension? 

the secret of halo hair extensions for black women blog by azul hair collection

The halo hair extension is the newest hair extension that sits comfortably on your head like a ‘halo’ as opposed to other hair extensions you attach to your hair. 
Halo air extensions come in different shades and colors that would fit your natural black or brown hair or even your dyed hair. It is also thicker and more natural than other hair extensions.
Halo hair extension is made from virgin human hair that adds volume and length to your hair and gives it a full healthy look. 
Halo hair extensions come with an inbuilt-miracle wire that makes it easy to apply or install.
What’s more? This hair extension is very affordable and detailed enough to meet the needs of every black woman who is keen on ensuring a perfect blend with her natural hair. 
That said; let’s look at the next detail that makes halo hair extensions even more awesome. 

 How do you install halo hair extensions? 


the secret of halo hair extensions for black women blog by azul hair collection

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Unlike other clip-in hair extensions that require you to clip in multiple wefts all around your hair, you can install halo hair extensions in 5 easy steps.

Brush your Hair and extension Brush out your hair thoroughly to remove ties and tangles and smoothen it as much as possible. After that, brush out your halo hair extension using a wide-toothed comb, paddle brush, or purchase a hair extension brush. 

  • Part your hair into sections 
  • Part your hair into sections and pack it in a bun at the crown of your head leaving out the foremost hair that will frame your face and cover the extension naturally.

  • Fit on the Halo
  • Adjust the wire length to fit your head, place the halo extension over your bun and let it sit comfortably like a headband. Secure it above your head over your bun. 

  • Secure the 2-clip weft at your temple
  • Secure a 2-clip weft on your temple 2 inches above your ear close to your hairline and secure the other 2-clip weft on the other side of your ear. 

  • Blend in for best results 
  • Brush down your hair alongside the extension and smoothen everything out. Make sure your natural hair is covering the string, the wefts, and all possible openings. 
    Use a hair extension brush for best measures but be gentle if you are using any other brush to avoid damaging the hair extension. 
    Also, make sure you buy the right shade of halo hair extension to blend with your natural hair.   

    Are halo hair extensions better than clip-in hair extensions?

    the secret of halo hair extensions for black women blog by azul hair collection

    Halo hair extensions are better than all other temporary hair extensions and this is based on three main features including ease of application, natural hair safety, and comfort. 
    However, let us compare halo hair extensions to clip-in extensions and see what difference it holds for you. 
    • Speedy Installation 
    The clip-in hair extension has many waft pieces with different widths and sizes. A regular clip-in extension has between 7 and 11 weft pieces. The wider pieces have 2-5 clips on them while the smaller pieces have less. 
    To install all the wefts you would have to create a part and tease every spot you will attach a clip to. Imagine how long it will take you to install all the clips and then take them out when you are done. 
    On average it will take 30 minutes to install and 5 minutes to remove all clip-in extensions. 
    Halo hair extensions have 2-in-1 clips and strings that could take at most 5 minutes to set up and even less time to remove
    • Safety 
    Halo hair extensions are safer than clip-in extensions because they save your hair from the damage caused by multiple clips. 
    Clip-in hair extensions are applied to your hair with small clips resembling combs that you have to install firmly to grip it into place. Because you have to clip it tightly for it to fit, you are likely to lose some hair attached to the clip when taking it off. 
    Over time, using clip-in extensions could result in hair damage from removing and attaching. 
    • Comfort 
    Apart from hair damage caused by attaching and removing clips, metal combs used to attach clip-hair extensions to your hair also cause discomfort because of its nature and weight. 
    With halo hair extensions you could forget you have anything attached to your hair because it is light and comfortable 

    Would You Try Halo Hair Extensions?

    the secret of halo hair extensions for black women blog by azul hair collection

    The number of hairstyles you can achieve with the halo hair extension is nearly uncountable. This hair extension is also very easy to apply and remove and would give you fuller and longer hair in the exact shade you want it.
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