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The Trendiest Short Curly Wigs For Black Women

Curly Wigs For Black Women

Black women love many things, but their hair has to be on top of that list. Whether natural hair, weaves, or braids, you can expect a black woman to turn up with the most creative hairstyle in the room.

In 2022, we’ve been blessed with some beautiful wig trends for black women that have everyone joining in, from celebrities to the beautiful girl next door. Let’s explore the short curly wigs black women are and should be crazy about right now, and of course, celebrities rocking them!


Curled Bob wigs

curly bob wig for black women

Who said bobs can only be straight or wavy? The trending bobs are letting the curls loose and looking good while at it. 

This bob can either sit just above or below the chin. You can add bangs to your curly bobs like Kerry Washington has done, especially if you’re a heart-shaped-faced beauty, or keep it simple with the ringlets like Tessa Thompson.

You can also go the way of layered curled bob wigs to add some attitude and additional framing to your face.


Loose Curled wigs

loose curly bob wig

Let loose with chin-length loose curls that look just as pretty, whether you have them in a center part style or side part. Taraji P. Henson has shown us how beautiful easy-going curls can be.

When styling, you can choose to leave the curls locked together or separate them to get some extra volume.


Tight Voluminous Curls

tight curly wig

Frame your face with tight voluminous curls and look fabulous while you’re at it. If you are on the side of people with fine, straight hair, these are the

kinds of curls you wish your hair had, but now your wig can have it.

Issa Rae is our celebrity inspiration for this wig as she carries it fabulously, adding short bangs that sit just above her eyebrows. This short curly wig is perfect in both natural colors and loud ones.


Finger Coil wigs

finger coil wig

Finger coils take the curls a notch tighter and also turn out to be long-lasting too! Getting a short-length or mid-length finger coil wig is a perfect way to keep the style on for a long time.

Ebonee Davis is our celebrity inspiration for this style, and she rocks it beautifully.


Curly Pixie Cut wigs 

curly pixie cut

Curls and pixie cuts? Oh yes! 

This is a style with a strong personality, making the wig a perfect fit for a strong black woman. We’ve seen the likes of bad girl RiRi and the beautiful Zendaya rock short curly pixie wigs and we loved it. We’re sure it’ll look just as amazing on you!


Raised Curls

raised curly wig

Kiersey Clemons introduced us to loose curls that don’t fall downwards but go upwards, leaving the face in full view and there’s a lot to love about it.

Get a wig with a loose curl pattern and trim the back and sides to create this beautiful wig that is as short as they come, and as flattering to your facial features as they can get. 

bob wig for black women

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