The Top 3 Clip In Hair Extension Tutorials for Ethnic Hair – Azul Hair Collection

The Top 3 Clip In Hair Extension Tutorials for Ethnic Hair

Lets start with our Top #3 Hair extension tutorials for ethnic hair

1. The Brilliant Beauty

Jodian is a DIY hair extension guru when it comes to hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, human hair bundles, wigs and crochet techniques and styling.
Her video ranks number on the list as she has received over 309,000 views and has received of 313 comments on this tutorial. Also, Jodian does a great job at giving easy to install steps which, I personally love.
This is a true easy hair extensions tutorial with clip  in hair extension. Check her out!

2. Furaha S Green

This one is an oldie but goodie!
Produced back in 2015 Faraha received over 340,000 views on this clip in this tutorial and over 200 comments. Even better, Furaha goes step by step in how to take human hair extension bundles and make your own custom clip ins! 
Her easy step by step and installation guide is basic and simple and most importantly DOABLE!
Take a lesson in clip in hair extensions from her - she knows what she is talking about also you can enjoy her lovely English accent - Enjoy!

3. Msnaturally Mary

Mary Taylor wraps up the top 3 list. Her tutorials are very detailed and she is very creative in how she places her clip ins to create unique and natural looking styles. She ranks in the top 3 because she not only shows you step by step how to place your clip in hair extensions she also gives you great style and makeup tips.
Get crazy about Mary!

We hope you enjoyed all these great videos on clip in hair extension tutorials!
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