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Using a Gun and Strips of Hair to Apply Human Hair Extensions - What Are 6D Hair Extensions? - Updated 2021

What Are 6D Hair Extensions?

Imagine using a gun loaded with glue tipped human hair. Taking a strip of your hair and BOOM! You have longer hair and seamless hair extensions.

I know crazy right! Yes, it NOW exists.

Where Did This Invention Come From?

From my research, it seems that the 6D method was created in China, Of course, in China is is difficult to track down the exact company or person who thought of this revolutionary method.  However, it seemed to hit the Western market early 2018.


How 6D Hair Extensions Are Applied

It takes about 20 minutes to apply these extensions to a full head. 
It involves an applicator (which I call a gun and a cartridge of glue tipped strips of hair.

Here is a photo of what I am talking about:

6d hair extensions applicator6d hair extensions cartridge

The application seems pretty simple and it is difficult to explain - so I will just show you this video:



How You Remove 6D Hair Extensions

These hair extensions are very similar to microlink hair extensions. So similar you use the same method to remove 6D hair. There is something like to call a "Cracker" tool to break the natural hair free of the glue and it slides right out.

Here is a demonstration:

Cost of 6D Hair Extensions

For a full head you need on average 300 grams of hair. Each cartridge of hair is about 50 grams and the average cost is $90. So we are talking, $534 just for hair.

Stylist trained in this method charge a variety of prices for install. It really depends on how much hair you are installing but I would be prepared to spend $250 - 400 for a proper installation. 

Would You Try This Method?

As you can see, these permanent hair extensions are a quick method to get a seamless weave. They say that this type of extensions can last 6 to 8 months before needing to be redone. However, professional maintenance is HIGHLY recommended by all sellers and applicators of 6D hair.

The big question is, would you try this method? I can see how this can be attractive to high users of hair extensions but I also can see how it may be problematic for those with textured hair. You know tangling...matting...stress on the natural hair and also texture matching.

I am curious about your opinion. Would you try 6D hair?


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