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Virtual Reality - Shop online like in your local hair extension store

Virtual Reality For Hair

Virtual reality for hair

Have you ever wished you could touch the hair you are considering buying online, move it around, and study it from all angles, just as if it were in front of you? 

One shared challenge amongst women who shop for human hair extensions online is the doubt that they would get the quality of hair that they want. They only have a few views in front of them, but with no guarantee about the fullness, body, waves, and feel of the hair they would love to purchase.
What if you could see and study every detail of the human hair extension you want to purchase online? Do you think it is possible?
What would you do if you had access to virtual reality shopping where you can touch the hair online, move it around, and REALLY see it on your device screen?
Virtual Reality Hair Shopping Solution
Introducing, (drum rolls please) the very first virtual reality shopping platform for human hair extension near you- Azul Hair Collection!
Azul Hair Collection is a human hair extension shop that deals in all kinds of hair extensions and products to suit every preference. This brand is also the first ever to include a virtual reality option for buyers who want to see and experience their human hair extensions. 
How does this feature work? 
When you visit the official product page of Azul Hair Collection, click on any hair product collection that you're interested in buying. Some popular options are Brazilian lace wigs, HD film lace collection, Brazilian clip-in hair extensions, and closures.
When you open a human hair extension product page, you will find the virtual reality options like 360 view, turn left, turn right, or touch the hair online down the product description list.
To do a 360 degree view, you click the button in the middle of the hair image and you can control it to turn at any angle and give you a wholesome view of the hair extension.
There's also a 'touch the hair' option on top of the image with three options; turn left, turn right, or touch the hair. Choose the left or right option to get the hair in a position you would like to see, and then click on 'touch the hair'
What you would find next is a hand touching the hair and moving it about as if it were you. Isn't that amazing? 
You can move the hair to the left or right and touch it to see the waves, the body, the fullness of the hair, the pattern of the curl, its density, and how it moves when it's on a person's head. If this isn't some breakthrough in hair shopping, I don't know what is!
If you want to explore all the virtual reality hair options, you can also visit the Azul Hair Collection’s website, scroll all the way down and select the 'virtual reality' option. It will lead you to a page with several human hair extensions that you can observe from every angle, study the hair, and touch it as many times as you want.

Scrolling all the way to the bottom is the quickest way to access all the virtual reality human hair extensions and see all the details of your favorite wigs.
With virtual reality in buying human hair extensions, you can be doubly sure and confident that the wig you are purchasing is everything that you want. You never have to worry about shopping for the wrong hair extension, ever again!
Experience Virtual Reality Human Hair Extension Shopping 
Visit Azul Hair Collection website today and explore their list of virgin human hair extension options with virtual reality features to help you catch all the details and make your decision easier. 
You deserve the best human hair product, and Azul Hair Collection can guarantee you nothing less than PERFECTION!
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