What Are Cold Fusion Hair Extensions?

What Are Cold Fusion Hair Extensions?

cold fusion hair extensions


Cold fusion hair extensions

Cold fusion hair extensions are the hottest trend right now as they are considered the safer hair extension method for women who want long, healthy hair. 

It is an essential alternative to hot fusion hair extensions as it can be applied to your hair without any form of heat.


How do cold fusion hair extensions work?

The cold fusion hair extension is applied using an ultrasonic vibrator that creates just enough friction to melt the keratin and attach it to the hair without causing damage. 

Using the cold fusion method, the keratin isn’t mixed directly with the hair, which means it is easier to remove the extension when the time comes, and the process of removal also doesn’t damage the hair.

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Pros of cold fusion

Cold fusion is gentle on the hair and avoids burns and damage due to the absence of heat in the application.

It is safe for people with skin and hair conditions such as alopecia.

Safe for people with short hair, thinning hair, and those suffering hair loss from cancer treatment 

Extensions can last for 3 to 6 months before needing replacement.

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Cons of Cold Fusion

Improper application can cause damage or breakage.

The application requires a lot of tools and expert skills. 

Consumes time and money.

Extensions will need to be checked regularly to avoid your hair

growing out too long.

The application procedure might take between 2 and 4 hours.


What hair type are cold fusion hair extensions suitable for?

Cold fusion hair extensions are suitable for people with very fine or thin hair, as well as those with short hair looking for a natural way to increase hair length without damage.


Hot vs cold fusion extensions

Hot and cold fusion extensions are different in features, applications, and even results. Let’s compare and contrast them below:


Hot fusion is longer lasting, and quicker to apply, while cold fusion takes longer time to apply, and won’t last as long as hot fusion. By choosing hot fusion, you have more months to carry your hair, and you won’t need as much maintenance as cold fusion. 

Cold hair fusion extensions are a gentler alternative to hot fusion hair extensions because they don’t use heat, but an ultrasound applicator, thereby protecting the hair from damage.

The application process is another difference between hot fusion extensions and cold fusion. The hot fusion extension is applied by sectioning off the hair, applying a plastic separator around your hair strand, and using the hot fusion tool to create heat on the keratin bond which will be rolled and fused with your natural hair. 

As for the cold fusion extension, each strand of extension is applied by parting your hair into small sections, then weaving the small sections into small, micro-link beads. The hair is carefully threaded through the bead, and then pliers are used to hold down the bead and secure the extension to your hair.


cold vs hot fusion extensions



If you know and love hot fusion extensions, you are bound to love the cold version as well, this is especially if you’re concerned about protecting your hair against damage and reducing stress on your hair while enjoying beautiful length and beauty. 

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