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What Is A 5D Diamond Lace Wig?

What Is A 5D Diamond Lace Wig?

What is 5D diamond lace
If you are a wig lover and you follow the trends, you might have come across a diamond lace wig. This wig is different from the other lace wigs you know, and many things set this one apart. 
5D Diamond Lace wigs are full lace wigs that come with full closure, face frontal and pre-plucked hairline.
This lace wig is easy to fix, looks as natural as or even more natural than your real hair and hairline, and doesn't require you stressing over plucking or bleaching the knots.

Features of 5D diamond lace wigs

Diamond lace wigs come with the best features and benefits that make them the absolute best for you at all times.

They never shed

If you have ever been stuck with a poor-quality wig that sheds, you know it can make a real mess of things and make your beautiful wig into something you don't even want to be seen wearing. The good news is that 5D diamond lace wigs are renowned for no shedding, whether you are brushing or styling. The strands are well fixed to the roots, and they don't give way easily.

No Short Hair

Every single strand of the diamond lace wig is as long as the actual inch of the hair. You will never see a shorter or weaker strand than the others. Whether you are getting 16 inches or 20, every strand is the same length. 

Natural look, no need to bleach knots

You don't need to go through the taxing process of bleaching knots on 5D diamond lace wigs because they come with the most natural look you can imagine. The closure and parts look so natural and seamless that many people will think it is your real hair until you tell them otherwise. Who says no to a diamond lace wig that saves you all the work?

Light Brown Lace

Light brown lace is the best selling and most sought-after lace color because it blends with most complexions, either creamy, light, or darker complexions.
Transparent laces are color specific and are not recommended for darker skin tones because they will look unnatural, and you probably need to paint it to match your skin tone.

Soft Diamond lace to protect your scalp

Unlike some cheap or poorly produced wigs that damage your scalp and hairline, the 5D diamond wig comes with a gentle lace that protects your scalp. The soft feel that comes with this wig is uncommon, and it helps you feel confident and comfortable. 
It comes with a fake scalp constructed and the extra delicate diamond net to protect the false cap scalp. You don't even have to use a wig cap if you don't want to.

Pre-plucked hairline 

Pre-plucked hairlines are indispensable as they create the utmost natural look. Also, not everyone can pluck hairlines correctly, so if you buy a hair that doesn't come plucked, you have your work cut out for you.
Pre-plucked hairline on the 5D diamond lace wig saves you time and stress and looks perfect with only a few steps. 

Invisible Knot

You can also explore the invisible knot, which is a new knotting method that leaves the hair looking like it is growing right out of your scalp. It is totally undetectable.

Great Lace part

Diamond lace wigs offer enhanced side or center parts with large volumes. Some come with extensive laces like 4 inches wide and deep for a broader range of parting options. 

Countless styles

You can style your diamond lace wig practically anyhow. From ponytails to the sides, center parts, or all back, you never run out of styling methods while still looking natural and beautiful.
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