What Is An Invisible Knot Lace Wig? Is It Better Than HD Film Lace Wigs? The Newest Trend in Wigs for 2021

What Is An Invisible Knot Lace Wig? Is It Better Than HD Film Lace Wigs? The Newest Trend in Wigs for 2021

what is an invisible knot lace wig? by azul hair collection

What Is Invisible Knots Lace Wig?

So, I am going to be a little technical in this blog post. This way you understand what this is and why you need it in your life.
An invisible knot is when when a single piece of hair is tied into the lace. This allows for an even more natural look. These knots are not done with a machine but by hand.
These types of lace units knots typically will come bleached as the knot is still very slightly visible. Bleaching the knots will give for the seamless look.
As well, these units should come where you do not need to pluck the hair as much or not at all.
Here is a photo I borrowed from MsPreciousMarie . She did a great side by side shot of how a typical lace unit knotting looks like vs. the invisible knotting:




What Type of Lace is Used?

Another thing you should know is that invisible knot wigs usually comes in Swiss Transparent Lace. You can check out our recently trending blog that breaks down the difference between Swiss transparent lace vs Swiss HD Film lace to learn more.
However, there are newer more transparent laces coming on the market everyday! So, just make sure you study the photos posted on a seller sites to make sure of what you are paying for.
Many buyers of invisible knot dislike the fact that the wigs are made in only transparent lace. However, transparent lace is an excellent and easy option to color match your scalp with make up or a lace tint spray.

what is the difference between transparent lace and hd film lace by azul hair collection

Is It Better Than An HD Film Lace Wig?

My opinion that if HD lace could have invisible knotting technology it would be a wig baby that would make any Wig Mamma happy! So in short, no. It is not better or worse it just offers a different option in seamless wig wear. 

We Are Believers in Invisible Knot Lace Wigs?

 YES! You read that correctly. We have been working on a special batch of invisible knot lace wigs in our Swiss transparent lace that will be available very soon.
Make sure to subscribe to our website so you do not miss the launch of this product at a DEEP discount.

flawless invisible knot lace by azul hair collection 

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