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Why Quadpay Wigs Are the Best For Budget Hair Extensions

Every human hair extension lover has been at a point in their life where they couldn't afford the hair of their dreams. It isn't a great place to be.

Let's be real; many hair extensions are quite expensive, depending on their texture, style, length, or hair quality. Sometimes, our favorite hair extension is just out of our reach because we don't have the funds to purchase them.

While hair financing has been a problem before now, new realities are changing the situation and helping hair lovers to buy hair extensions and pay according to a comfortable financing plan.

At Azul hair collection, we are passionate about helping you look beautiful by providing you with the best and most qualitative human hair extensions in the most comfortable manner.

We understand that there is a lot of expense involved with investing in that quality human hair extension you want, so we have put together a new financing option for you.

Guess what?

You can now shop at Azul Hair Collection using Quadpay payment plans for buy now pay later wigs!

Remember your favorite wig that you thought was out of your league? You can buy it now and pay later with Quadpay wigs.

You can shop for the latest headband wigs, purchase Brazilian hair of any texture, ranging from kinky curl to straight or body wave texture, and purchase hair accessories using the Quadpay payment plan!

Let's find out how it works!


Customers of Azul hair collections can purchase 100% human hair extensions and make 4 payments on their purchase without incurring any interest.

You will have a minimum amount payable at every payment date spanning through 6 weeks. You only need to have a debit or credit card to make this payment for Quadpay wigs.

Here's the step by step process to the Quadpay payment plan for your hair extensions.

  • Visit Azul hair collections and browse through the amazing stock of human hair extensions, including HD Film Lace, headband wig, Full lace wigs, clip-in wigs, etc. 
  • Choose the hair extension of your liking and observe it from all angles using the 360 degrees view and 'touch the hair' features.
  • Add your hair extension(s) to the cart and go to the checkout point.
  • Choose Quadpay at the checkout point
  • Provide credit or debit card details
  • Answer a few questions, and get an instant approval
  • You can enjoy your purchase immediately, and receive your payment plan for 4 installments.

Advantages of Buy Now Pay Later Wigs 

  1. You can invest in premium hair extensions without breaking the bank or emptying your purse.
  2. The 4 payment options associated with Quadpay wigs make it possible to pay for your hair extensions at a more convenient rate.
  3. You don't have to miss out on the opportunity to purchase a hair extension for an important occasion because you don't have all the funds in hand.
  4. When you get buy now, pay later wigs on Azul hair collections using Quadpay, you don't need to pay interest. You will only repay the exact amount you spent to purchase the hair extension.
  5. There are no more obstacles between you and your human hair extensions and accessories! 


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