Transcript of Inhale_My Curls Interview


So just hopping on in tell our viewers who you are and you what Inhale_ My Curls is all about. You know, what is your focus?


Okay, so my name is TaShonda but my social media platform is Inhale_My Curls.  The whole background story behind Inhale_My Curls is that I went to a predominantly white school and so a lot of people always had straight hair and everything and so I always straightened my hair to fit in with Society in my school and I thought my curls were like just too ethnic for me to be in a predominant white school so that is when I came up with inhale my curls it was because I wanted to embrace my hair and what like my natural curls were so I was like what better way than to inhale my curls like - not to everybody else but to myself - in place you know my curly hair and ever since then I just fell in love with my hair



When did you you know start doing the whole youtubing and doing videos and tutorials and information giving when did you start doing that?


So I started YouTube last year in October so this past October just made it one year and I never really thought about doing tutorials and stuff but then like when I was in college I used to do hair and like in highschool so I did like great and other people's hair and like doing everything and everybody always said want to do a tutorial long to show us how I did it and like I got tired of showing people individually so I was like well let me just videos and stuff and then the whole YouTube thing just transpired.

almost but

I actually got into haircare my hair before because I dyed it so much! I have had everything I can think of and it like just ate my phone now this is probably like when I started my hair page that's when I actually started actually taking care of my natural hair

I thought it was just no perms that's natural hair not really actually having

a care look at products and greedy aunts and stuff and then that's why


I actually started to take care of my hair which was about like two years ago like okay it's more than natural hair then just not getting relaxers and perms you gotta actually do stuff to it

What are some of the you know maybe daily habits or things that you do just to maintain your lustrous curl and maybe some products you want to talk about or just certain processes that you go through a routine that you go through on a daily or weekly basis?

Okay so my daily process, I actually have a timer or a an alarm on my phone so every nine o'clock for a scalp massage. I do I take my hair vitamin right now. I'm currently collaborating/partnering with Hairfinity. So now at nine-thirty everyday with their vitamins but aside from that every night at nine o'clock I have an alarm that goes off as well which is a scalp massage so every night at nine o'clock my alarm goes off and it says scalp massage and I'll take my hair out and I'll give myself a scalp massage with whatever oil I have and usually I use um Noba naturals I support their business so I use their oils I use over the top hair collections oil

When it comes to products I'm really big on advertising for small black-owned businesses. So I'm all about putting small black owned businesses out there because a lot of people kind of overlook them because it's just like oh we can go to like you know I love my mile of my the main choice but we still also have to look at you came from somewhere and they all start off small big so I use a lot of election Nova naturals actually you see behind me I have a whole shelf!


So you give yourself a scalp massage?

You also take a vitamin by Hairinfinity.  I'm actually using Hairfinity myself and loving the results!

So, you give yourself a massage and you use a timer. Why is that so important like you literally schedule yourself out for natural hair care?


If you're consistent with your routine and you're also consistent when you do your scalp massages and stuff it allows your pores and um your hair shafts to open up and it's like if you do it right before you go to bed it's like okay if you're not gonna sleep on a satin silk like pillow case or something at least year a lot of reports to you know breed opposed to like gonna sleep with like a tight scrunchie or something in your hair so at night time if my hair is up I let it out like this and just put like a silk scarf or or soap on it and I just like literally just do this randomly yeah well that's a good point I think


it's all about consistency!





You know a calendar! You know, I think I massages honestly I think when I decide my scalp is when I'm washing my hair and when I'm done I oil my scalp. I never thought to do it on a daily basis!

You gave some good pointers!

Thank you!

Alright next question I have for you... is well I think I know the answer this but do you wear hair extensions?


I actually just collaborated with water  and fro and that was my first time ever trying clip in hair extensions

I was kind of scared! They're really expensive, so I never really went in that direction to try clip-in hair extension but my hair looked great. I now know what my hair would look like if it ever grows that long!


How was it wearing Clip In Hair Extensions for the first time?


I liked trying hair extensions. It was so easy! You just part your hair and clip them in. You can shampoo and color them.

I was like okay, so this time I want to try to color them!


I think that would be so cool! I look forward to that video!

Tell me about using clip - ins for the first time because we sell hair extensions that are clip in hair extensions as well. A lot of people

especially, African American, women they're so they're to  their

Lace closures, sew ins and you know wigs. They do not even think

about clipping in the hair extensions. I think they think they are gonna fall out!

How was your experience?


So I did see tutorials where they braid their hair and like I do not like to braid my hair to my scalp to put in clip- ins in because I have so much scalp that's gonna be seen. So, when I applied them, I just part my hair and like just pushed them in with a little barrette . Next, I part another section of my hair and just let it fall over and then just part another section and just keep clipping them in!

I literally had all my hair out but it blend so well that people were like oh my gosh! Your hair is so long. I'm like these are hair extensions!

You can blow-dry them as well. So, I want to try them blown out

They were so easy to install! I think I did my whole entire head with the style in like 30 minutes!  And, it lasts over a week and a half.


I just love clip in hair extensions. Unlike with sew ins you cannot change up the style. I love clip-ins for the reasons that you said.  You can get a lot of f different styles versus the sew in or lace wigs where you are kind of stuck with the same part of the same style the whole time

Cool alright!

Last question and now you've gotta get going gets your holiday.

What is your advice to high users of hair extensions and in association with hair growth what are some things that they need to be particular about now I know you don't use hair extensions a lot but you know a lot about natural hair and hair growth and you know you know a little bit about hair extensions so what should a high users of hair extensions be careful of

make sure we do a little bit extra of you know as far as our routine is concerned?


Yes, like you mentioned, I don't really use a lot of sew ins and stuff but I feel like if you're going to use sew ins you should still treat your hair under the sew ins the same as if it was your natural hair out so I mean I some people get good growth with sew ins I per se I don't think I would but I think you should still or your scalp you know massage your scalp and still give yourself you know your shampoo or conditioner or whatever not just kind of take it as if like oh my hair is braided up so I don't have to do anything to my scalp under there because that's when it typically dries out the most and let me take your extensions out and you comb your hair that's when you if you don't wore your scalp when you have the extensions in your hair gets dry and then when you take the hair out your your extensions out you tend to have more breakage opposed to shedding and

I'm really big on defining the difference between shedding and breakage because a lot of naturals confused breakage with shedding and so I

shed in to me is you know a couple of strands no no more than a couple like few strands within like each section but a lot of Naturals I've seen with

like huge chunks after they take braids out their hair or like extensions in general and they're like is this normal I'm like that's not normal you maybe

haven't like old your hair or treated your hair up under the protective style

but I mean I'm not opposed or I guess you know protective styling like I love protective styles I get like box braids and all that stuff in my hair but I make sure I still massage my scalp every night just to make sure that my hair is

still breathing up under those braids


I hope you have a wonderful holiday and thanks again for imparting your hair knowledge to me and our subscribers


You are so welcome. It is all natural flowing out of me!

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