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What’s Trending in Wellness for Women in 2021

The year 2020 marked a new decade and brought several changes that nobody saw coming. The COVID-19 pandemic is changing a lot of things, leaving us to adjust to the new norm, especially in the area of health and wellness. Since the COVID-19 disease became a global pandemic, health and wellness have become even more emphasized as everyone strives to be in the best state of health..

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Infertility and Hollywood : Jessie J

 Giving Up On Having Kids Yesterday Jessie J reportedly has given up on her quest to become a mother. Jessie has been quite candid about her  struggles on this matter. Recently telling Billboard magazine that she had been diagnosed with infertility awhile back and was told she needed to have a hysterectomy and was placed on medication. The Tough Emotional Journey It is no secret these days that many women struggle in this area. From the Kardashians  to Gabrielle Union (love your hair ladies - btw). Options As with Jessie J, she refused to have the hysterectomy and stopped the medication but managing her diet. Also, as with Gabby Union, she opted for less fertility medication and went with a...

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“When you look good you feel good. When you feel good you..."

Why This Topic? Well..think about this… “When you look good you feel good. When you feel good you play good. When you play good they PAY good.” This little adage sums up why a woman or man would wear hair extensions. Self Esteem Is Important Self esteem is important! Many times we know what we want to be but many times...

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