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What’s Trending in Wellness for Women in 2021


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The year 2021 marked a new decade and brought several changes that nobody saw coming.
The COVID-19 pandemic is changing a lot of things, leaving us to adjust to the new norm, especially in the area of health and wellness.
Since the COVID-19 disease became a global pandemic, health and wellness have become even more emphasized as everyone strives to be in the best state of health. 
Wellness has taken a new turn in 2021 with more trends, hacks, and habits to improve mind and body connection as well as overall wellness. 
There is an increasing number of things to learn and take advantage of as it concerns wellness for women in 2021. These things include self-improvement, mind-building, fitness, mental strength, and biohacking. 
Here are some wellness trends for women in 2021. 


Meditation has come a long way from being a spiritual practice or something reserved for a sect of people. 
Centuries after, meditation is now widely accepted and practiced for mental, physical and emotional wellbeing with results to show its effectiveness. 
Every woman should try meditation for total wellness, and there are many types of meditation to choose from. All you need do is to find what type best suits you and works for you. 
Whether your goal is to relax, ease off stress, energize, or get over a grudge, meditation works perfectly. 
If you are a beginner, I suggest you start meditation under guidance until you get the hang of it. You can also get a manual, watch a DVD, or check out apps such as Calm. 

Fitness Practices at home 

Home Workout

Your home is the new gym or fitness centre right now, especially with COVID-19 forcing us to avoid public spaces and crowded rooms.
The latest (and quite comfortable) trend is doing your workouts at home. 
Home fitness equipment has taken a different, more sophisticated shape in 2021. 
Some home fitness equipment available in 2021 rival what you have in the most equipped outdoor fitness studios. 
Many fitness products now come with both the hardware and streaming and instruction options. So, you can sit in your house and mimic outdoor cycling and even rowing under the guidance of a highly trained instructor. 
Peloton and Hydrow are some home fitness products making waves right now. 

Try Red Light Therapy 

Red Light Therapy
Red light therapy has been an emerging trend since the 2010s but has become more popular for wellness in 2021. 
The red light therapy improves mood, boosts energy, heals wounds, aids hair growth and enhances wellness in several areas. 
The therapy works by using low-level red wavelengths of light to treat various conditions, including body fat and inflammation. 
BioLight has pioneered Red light therapy and other similar products and has made it into the medical field as well.
Some notable Biolight products include BioLight Glow and BioLight ReStore. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI In Fitness

Artificial intelligence is used in several fitness products and is becoming very popular in current times.
Some fitness products such as Tonal and apps like Gymfitty and Zova use AI to interpret data and direct fitness activities.
Tonal is a Smart gym that adjusts digital weight based on the body and skill level of whoever is using it. Tonal can adjust the weight to as much as 200 pounds. 
The smart gym also has a virtual training feature and several on-demand classes. 
Aside from fitness and exercise, AI also works in health screening. Some health apps can evaluate a patient like a doctor would do and make a diagnosis. 

Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD has a wealth of benefits ranging from anxiety and depression relief, pain relief and acne removal. 
CBD was initially confused with THC, but now that the difference is clear, CBD products have hit the health and wellness markets with a bang.
Women can benefit from CBD beauty and wellness products like muscle balms, vapes, and tinctures. 
Some businesses also offer CBD products such as apple cider vinegar, raw honey and infused sriracha.  

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD)

NAD In fitness

NAD has made it into the health and wellness space after a long time in the field of sciences.
NAD is a compound produced in the body that repairs cells and increases metabolism levels.
The production of NAD in our bodies reduces as we go through stress or age. What this means is that that older persons produce less NAD than younger ones. When a body’s NAD production slows, cell repairs and metabolism slow down.
Many companies now sell NAD supplements to balance up the NAD levels.
However, the most effective practice is to use a precursor to help your body produce more NAD naturally. 
Whether you use supplements or a precursor, make sure you make NAD improvement a part of your wellness routine.

Plant-Based Meats 

Vegan Meat
Wellness consciousness is promoting the move away from animal-based to plant-based meat.
You don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to eat plant-based meat. The health benefits speak for it, so it’s not surprising that many women and men are moving towards this option.
Fast foods, supermarkets and restaurants are also beginning to add plant-based options to their meat menu.
Aside from the numerous benefits to your health and wellness, it is also an eco-conscious option. 

Final Thoughts 

Wellness for women in 2020 has taken a step further from what it used to be.
With a new wave of health consciousness and the COVID-19 pandemic, these trends will help you stay fit, healthy, and achieve total wellness. 

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