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101 Questions Answered About Wearing A Lace Wigs

101 on lace wigs

Thinking about purchasing your first wig but do not know where to start? 
This blog answers the top 101 questions skiddish shoppers can reference.
We receive literally thousands of random questions from our customers about lace wigs. Below are our answers and also some great resources to help you have a lace wig experience you will brag about.


1. What Is The Difference Between A Full Lace Wig and A Lace Front Wig?
Full Lace Wigs are made entirely of lace with a small patch a fabric in the crown area to assist with constructing the wig unit. 2 to 3 strands of hair is woven into each lace hole to create a seamless illusion of hair growing from your scalp for any angle.
Lace Front Wigs are made with only lace in the front. The lace in front will extend from 3 inches ear to ear and up to 6 inches. Many times sellers of lace front wigs will list their wigs in 13 inches x 4 inches or 13 inches by 6 inches.
The small patch off lace at the nape of the neck or back of the wig is only for comfort in wear. This patch of lace is not functional for up do's.
2. Can I Wear A Lace Front Wig In A High Ponytail?
You cannot wear a lace front wig in a high ponytail. The small patch of lace that is at the nape or back of the wig is not functioning scalp like looking lace area.
However, you can put the in a very loose high ponytail and use a scarf or head band to disguise that you are wearing a wig
This tutorial by Azul Hair Collection Shows how to put your lace front in a high ponytail)
3. What Type of Lace Is Best For My Complexion?
 It is really important to understand the different types of lace that are used in making wigs.
The first thing to know that there is French Lace and Swiss Lace used. French lace is commonly used when making synthetic wigs. Swiss lace is a higher and softer grade of lace that is used for making human hair wigs. Try and go with Swiss lace when purchasing your wig.
Next, you need to understand that there are different colors of lace used. The most common on the market is Brown lace, Transparent Lace and HD Lace.
The best lace wig for Caucasian buyers is either Transparent lace or HD Lace. 
The best lace for all other skin tones would be any of the 3 options listed above. However, I would suggest either Transparent lace or HD lace to ensure a perfect match.
You can always check the human hair suppliers photos to see about color matching the brown lace wigs. However, this is a bit risky as there are many shades of brown.
Check out this tutorial for a full detailed rundown and demonstrations of each type of lace:
4. Are All Lace Wigs Glueless?
Let's breakdown what a 'Glueless' wig is before answering.
This type of wig is worn without using super strong wig adhesive such as Ghost Bond, Bold Hold Glue or Walkers.
What is used is a strong hair gel like Got2BGlued:
 As well, the wig should be sized perfectly to your head size so that it will lay flush to your scalp and not have any gaping. 
Lastly, a glueless wig has a wide elastic strap installed on the inside. This will allow for your wig to be pulled down to your head - making your wig lay flat to your scalp.
SO, in answering this question. All lace wigs can be made to be worn glueless by adding and using the products mentioned above. 
5. What Is The Difference Between Synthetic Hair, Remy Hair and Virgin Hair?
Synthetic Hair - this is not human hair. Technology in synthetic hair has come a long ways. However, just think - not human hair for now. There are some synthetic hair made from fine plastic. While others are a blend of animal hair and plastic.
Although the appearance is lovely, typically this hair does not last long without matting issues or heavy shedding.
Some synthetic hair sellers boast that you can apply heat and curly the hair. However, be cautions in the amount you spend for these type wigs as they are not mean to last more than a few wears.
Remy Hair - This type of hair is considered the Creme Del A Creme of human hair extensions - with the price tag to match! This hair is harvested from the cuticle of a donor and typically has been chemically treated.
This is not a bad option to purchase once you are 100% sure of the look and technology of lace wig you want to use. Therefore, this is not a great option for newbies to wigs.
Virgin Hair - This quality of hair is just as good as Remy hair. Although this hair is not harvested from the cuticle of a donor, it not chemically treated. Imagine taking a long ponytail and cutting it right at wear the hair band is. That is Virgin hair - plain and simple.
It is more affordable but great long lasting quality option for a new wig buyer.
6. What Type Of Hair Is The Best To Buy In A Lace Wig?
This really depends on your budget! 
For starters, I would go with a lace front wig in virgin hair extensions. These type wigs are reasonably priced and great quality for use up to 2 years.
Here is a little trick to save you some online search time 
Use This Tool 
Click The Photo
7. Are The Lace Wigs in The Beauty Supply Stores The Same As Online Wigs?
That is a big fat no! Your run of the mill beauty supply store is not going to carry the same quality as a boutique retailer online. The reason is that online retailers of wigs usually source unique product and stand by their quality.
Do not get my wrong here, there are 'Shady" online sellers out there but just read the fine print of each product. Ensure it is Virgin hair and good lace. As well, read the reviews of a store to be sure. Lastly, make sure to check their return policy!
Click Photo To Get Your How To Buy Hair Extension Guide 
8. Are Aliexpress Wigs Quality Lace Wigs?
The short answer is - They Can Be!
Aliexpress is the Chinese Amazon of the world! It is important to note that even if you purchase your lace wig from a seller in the USA, more than likely, that lace wig originated in China. 
What can I say..they just do it faster, cheaper and with better skills.
Again, you will need to pay close attention to details and customer reviews when ordering.
9. Are Amazon Lace Wigs Quality Wigs To Purchase?
This depends...
Checking the details of the lace wigs is important. You want to check if it is virgin or remy hair (not a blend of hair). Also, you want to check their reviews. The beauty of shopping with Amazon.com is their great return policy - so you risk is pretty low.
10. What Type Of Lace Wig Glue Should I Use?
The most commonly used brands are:
Ghost Bond, Bold Hold and Walker brands.
Click the photos to shop these brands.
11. How Long Do Lace Wigs Lasts?
Lace wigs made from Virgin or Remy hair should last up to 2 years with proper care. Synthetic lace wigs have a shorter shelf life of up to 2 months.
12. Which Is Better A 13x6 Lace Front Wig or A 13x4 Lace Wig?
It is all about the parting!
13x6 lace front wigs are more appreciated for their flexibility in style and parting. A 13x4 lace front unit is not a bad option but it is preferred 13x6 lace front units.
13. What Is The Difference Between A 360 Lace Wig and A Full Lace Wig?
There is a difference! That difference is lace space.
Check out these layouts:
what is the difference between 360 lace wig and a full lace wig?
As you can see the 360 lace is an upgrade from a lace front wig. With the exception that you have ALOT of lace in the back. Which means you can style your wig with an ponytail or messy bun! 
If you can not afford the full lace a 360 unit is a great 2nd best! Receive all the benefits of a full lace wig without the high price.
14. Is French Lace Or Swiss Lace Better?
Not everything is beautiful in France..
This boils down to the facts of quality versus cost. Typically, synthetic lace wigs are made from French lace. In saying that, French lace is less expensive. Also, you get what you pay for. French lace will not sit comfortable. As well, you will see from the comparison photo below that French lace has larger holes. Which means that the overall appears of a wig unit made of French lace will look less natural.
Is french lace wigs better than swiss lace wigs? Answered by Azul Hair Collection
On the contrary, Swiss lace is a more fine and thinner lace. It has the ability to lay more flush to the scalp. As well, the holes in this lace are much much smaller. Which means, that weaving hair through the hole will allow for more of a 'growing out of your scalp' like appearance. 
Swiss lace is the preferred choice of hairstylist across the industry. As well as its users. Also, Swiss lace comes in different color and even more thin options.
15. Can You Trust A Beauty Influencers Lace Wig Reviews?
can you trust beauty influncers wig reviews? answered by Azul Hair Collection
The world of influencing has taken social media by storm! Influencers are the newest and rated the top way to reach buyers and educate them about products. When it comes to the hair industry. There is no exception. The issue most find is the 'trust factor'.
Can we trust that the influencers are giving a proper review or are they just telling us what we want to hear. It is a REAL problem.
When evaluating to purchase hair extensions from a company online. It is important to have a safety checklist. This blog outlines some easy guidelines to follow to on How NOT to buy bad hair extensions.
In a nutshell, do not only rely on the influencer but also rely on the Google Business reviews and social media comments and reviews. What you want to see is actual customers tagging their photos and creating reviews not label *promotion or *advertisement.
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