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Top 4 Sleek Ponytails For Natural Hair

The sleek ponytail is a classic look of all sexy ladies for years. However, in more recent times the popularity of women stopping with the chemical treatments and going natural. Given this turn of the ages, the sleek ponytail now pertains to those with natural hair textures.

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Which Is Best For 2021: Burmese Curly Hair, Burmese Wavy Hair and Exotic Wavy Hair

First off, can I just say that the name of this hair is so sexy! I mean 'BURMESE'! I love it! So, this hair texture is usually sourced from Chinese and Indian donors. The hair strands are similar to Brazilian hair in that it is VERY durable. Burmese curly and wavy hair textures are quite thick which gives for a more fuller look. Also, just like Brazilian human hair, it will last you quite some time. Read more about the differences between Burmese wavy human hair, Burmese curly human hair and Brazilian Exotic Wavy.

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HD Film Lace Is Newest Technology in Human Hair Extensions for 2023

Have you heard of this new trend in HD lace? You know what I am talking about..lace wigs, lace closures and frontals? It is called HD Film Lace! Yes, I know transparent lace has been around for a hot minute but this high definition film lace is on a WHOLE-NOTHA LEVEL! I will break it down what this television lace is all about.

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