Which Is Best For 2021: Burmese Curly Hair, Burmese Wavy Hair and Exot – Azul Hair Collection

Which Is Best For 2021: Burmese Curly Hair, Burmese Wavy Hair and Exotic Wavy Hair

Breaking Down Burmese Human Hair Extensions

azul hair collection blog post - what is the difference between burmese curly burmese wavy and brazilian exotic wavy hair for 2020
First off, can I just say that the name of this hair is so sexy! I mean 'BURMESE'! I love it! So, this hair texture is usually sourced from Chinese and Indian donors. The hair strands are similar to Brazilian hair in that it is VERY durable. Burmese curly and wavy hair textures are quite thick which gives for a more fuller look. Also, just like Brazilian human hair, it will last you quite some time.

What Are The Available Textures of Burmese Hair

Well, the most popular is the Burmese Curly Hair. Due to the fact that the curl pattern of this texture gives the look and feel of high density and but also will straighten quite easily as well.
burmese curly hair
The next popular texture is the Burmese Wavy human hair. 
burmese wavy human hair extensions azul hair collection
Now, this texture is very similar to Azul Hair Collections wavy hair. However, you can see you have a bit more of a 'deeper' wave pattern. Again, this would be a good option if you want something in between wavy and straight. Or, you like straightening your Burmese human hair.

Why Should I Go Brazilian Exotic Wavy Human Hair?

brazilian exotic wave lace front wig by azul hair collection #azulhaircollection @azulhaircollection
Well - the easy answer is the price point. The Brazilian Exotic Wave hair will resemble the Burmese wavy hair alot! You would still have the same durability and thickness in look and feel as the Burmese. However, the price point will not be as high.
Also, Brazilian Exotic wave hair is a great alternative do to the fact the hair grade is even softer.
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