Affordable Hair Bundles - The Beginners Guide on How To Find Cheap Bundle Sets Near You

Affordable Hair Bundles - The Beginners Guide on How To Find Cheap Bundle Sets Near You

Understanding bundlesBundles Deals Near You and How To Find Them

The quest to find the best virgin hair prices but yet to have great quality is SUCH A PROCESS! I know the feeling of when you find a great virgin hair company you trust but how do you find them?

Below are my simple steps to making sure you spend your hard earned dollar wisely and get the gorgeous locks you are looking for.


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What Type of Virgin Hair Bundles Texture Are You Wanting?

So, this step is important!

You want to have a very clear idea if you would like virgin hair (which is the best) or remy hair. Of course, there are blended hair. Which is a mix of human hair, synthetic hair and sometime animal hair. I do not suggest this one.

Virgin human hair bundles will be the best bang for your buck. As you get great quality hair that will last you and the price point is the best. Typically virgin hair is raw human hair and not chemically treated.

Next, is texture. This can be a little complicated as there are so many offerings of hair textures in the market. However, you typically would choose from Kinky curly, Kinky Straight, Body Wave or Straight. There are other curl patterns out there but a body wave texture will give you ALOT of options if styled correctly. 


azul hair collection affordable hair bundles cheap hair bundles

What Is Your Idea Of a Cheap Hair Bundle Deal? (Check Your Budget)

This is all in the eye of the beholder. If you are use to shopping at beauty supply stores. STOP IT! That hair is not usually quality stuff!

However, beauty supplier store hair is usually over priced crap that you may pay $55 and up. However, it is probably valued at $20 per bundle.

If you are accustomed to purchasing from a hair vendor either online or in person. You may find your self paying $65 and up per bundle.

Either way, a good cheap bundle purchase would be a virgin hair company offering a set of bundles on sale. They may even come with a closure included.

I would expect to pay $165 on up for a full head cheap bundle set.


azul hair collection affordable hair bundles cheap hair bundles

What Is The Difference Between Virgin Human Hair and Remy Human Hair Extension?

This one is easy!

Virgin hair, the donor never used any chemicals on their hair before donating. As well, once the vendor gets the hair they do not use any chemical on the hair.

Now, Remy hair is the exact opposite. 

See, easy! 

azul hair collection affordable hair bundles cheap hair bundles

Choose The Top 3 Best Hair Extension Companies - Compare Prices - Then Purchase

Yep! Don't go with the first deal you find.

My suggestion is to pick three and then choose the one that has the best reviews and list out their shipping and return policy.

As well, we have made it easy for you. Check out our price comparison tool. We have all the top hair companies and their prices in an easy to use calculator.

azul hair collection affordable hair bundles cheap hair bundles 

Always Understand - Your Get What You Pay For

This is so true! We all want to find the best price and keep our hard earned money. However, great virgin hair comes at a cost.

Some companies like ours offer interest free, easy to qualify payment plans to their customers. Our partner companies Affirm Pay and Sezzle Pay allow our clients to purchase what they need when they need it. Make a payment of as little as $35 today and your order ships!



azul hair collection hair companies that accept payment plans with affirm and sezzle 

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