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Cairo Needs a Lesson In Women's Rights!

In Today's News...

rania youseff

I honestly have no idea who Rania Youseff is but this article caught my eye. 

Rania is a successful and bangin' beautiful actress from Egypt. Yesterday, a report came out that she is facing Obscenity charges for wearing a dress!

What Happened Was...

rania youseff

So it appears that a group of lawyers decided to get together and complicate this woman's life. Rania wore a revealing but "I think'' cute assemble to Cairo International Film Festival. The reaction was not as expected by her on lookers.


Watch Her In Court - It's Sad...

So if you are interested in seeing how her trail is going - take a look at this...


see the full Time Article - click here. is hard to watch and believe that woman are still having to deal with this 'ish!


Riana - America Loves You..

rania youseff


So, in conclusion - please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. AND LADIES, let's not forgot it was a little less than 100 years ago that we were recognized enough to cast a vote!

We still have far to go in this world. Although many woman hair styling and profiling and running companies - some still have to deal with this.


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