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Ellen DeGeneres Get's Pushy With Alex and J-Lo...

alex rodriguez and j-lo

Handsome Couple

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are quite the couple! These two have been in relationship bliss since last year 2017!

It is not wonder why Ellen Degeneres on her show today pushed on the question on wither or not her and Alex will be engaged soon.

Stylish J-Lo...

jennifer lopez in blonde hair extensions


I have been an fashion stalker of J-Lo since the beginning of her career as a model, actress, singer and song writer. Jennifer knows how to keep it classy while taking it to the edge! Love her! Also, she is a true hair inspiration as well. This woman knows how to work a weave - well at least her hairstylist ;-)!


A-Rod is Well..

alex rodriguez

On a scale of 1 to 10 Alex is a definite 10! Not only does he have all that swagger we like in a man. He actually has or should I say HAD talent as a sports star in baseball. Now, I cannot say I am huge fan of his sportsmanship but I definitely like how he wears his gear - that is clothing fashion. LOL!

These Two Are A Match

jennifer lopez and alez rodriguez

Now, I know J-Lo has had her fair share of relationships and I do wish her all the best. However, Jenny, if it is not broken don't fix it! If marriage is in the cards for you again go for it but if you are happy with how things are - JUST BE HAPPY!


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