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Top 4 Sleek Ponytails For Natural Hair

Top 4 sleek ponytails for natural hair in 2019 by azul hair collection

About The Sleek Ponytail and Why Natural Hair Versions Are Trending Up

The sleek ponytail is a classic look of all sexy ladies for years. However, in more recent times the popularity of women stopping with the chemical treatments and going natural. Given this turn of the ages, the sleek ponytail now pertains to those with natural hair textures.

We searched the internet, beauty blogger and social media to find the Top 4 sleek ponytail looks for natural hair has increased.

Check it out!

low sleek ponytail with weave by azul hair collection @azulhaircollection #azulhaircollection 

Look # 1 - The Low Pony in Kinky Curly 

This look is the most popular of all natural ponytails. Easily achieved with some hair gel, a Velcro wrap ponytail or clip in hair extensions.

Also, this ranks because it has the most natural appeal. The low ponytail allows you to create looks with a middle part, side part or no part. 

Take a look at this how to video on how to get your natural hair to sleek back evenly and attach your desired human hair extensions:


sleek kinky straight ponytail @azulhaircollection #azulhaircollection Azul Hair collection

Look# 2 - The Mid Pony in Kinky Straight

Just blew out your gorgeous natural hair but not feeling like going the extra mile and completing that silk wrap? No problem, give your arms a break and pop on a sleek mid kinky straight ponytail. This look is easiest with a Velcro wrap ponytail in kinky straight but also can be done with clips ins.

Here is a easy how to vid for you!


 kinky curly bubble ponytail by azul hair collection @azulhaircollection #azulhaircollection

Look# 3 - The Bubble Ponytail in Kinky Curly

What is there not to like about this look! I mean basically you become an instant Greek Goddess in this look. This ponytail is known as the 'Banded' pony but they are both the same thing.

The 2 quickest ways to achieve this look is with a wrap around in Kinky Curly ponytail or using braiding hair.

Check out this tutorial:


sleek kinky straight ponytail for natural hair by azul hair collection @azulhaircollection #azulhaircollection

Look# 4 - The High Bubble Pony in Kinky Straight

Now to wrap up our list for us, is the Bubble sleek ponytail in Kinky Straight. Again, another instant Goddess look that takes less than 10 minutes to achieve. Using an easy to install kinky straight texture ponytail is the best method to rock this look.

Here is a little how to on getting your bubbles right:

azul hair collection pinterst page with sleek ponytail inspiration click here

 velcro wrap sleek ponytail in kinky straight by azul hair collection on sale



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