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Best health routine to Grow Hair Faster

From time immemorial, women have yearned for long hair, and this yearning isn’t letting off anytime soon.  If you often wonder why some persons’ hair grows really fast while it takes long months for yours to add a few inches, you will find answers in this post.

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How To Install and Style A Curly Pixie Cut Transparent Lace Wig

Wigs are becoming the biggest thing as far as hair is concerned and hair stylists are making magic with different hairs.  Flawlessly styling a wig so much that it looks like a person’s natural hair is becoming a much sought after skill. There are different kinds of wigs to style from simple to complex, long to short, and there are also many ways to style the different types of wigs. Whether you are a hair enthusiast who wants to go through as many hair types and styles as possible with ease or you are simply looking for a hair change, a pixie cut transparent lace wig is definitely something worth a try. This pixie cut wig comes with a transparent lace that you can...

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The Secret of Halo Hair Extensions for Black Women

 There are several hair extensions to choose from these days with different features that make them unique. The most recent and by far most unique hair extension in the industry right now is the halo hair extension.  If you haven’t heard about it them you have a lot to catch up on! If you have heard about halo hair extensions then you need to know just how unique it is and how it works

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101 Questions Answered About Wearing A Lace Wigs

Thinking about purchasing your first wig but do not know where to start? This blog answers the top 100 questions skiddish shoppers can reference. We receive literally thousands of random questions from our customers about lace wigs. Below are our answers and also some great resources to help you have a lace experience

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