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What Are I-Tip Hair Extensions?

All about I-tip hair extensions Hair extensions are more than just a rave; they are now a part of our lives and we are loving it! If you’re a fan of hair extensions, you should try the I-tip hair extensions because there’s more than enough to love about them. This post will take you through all you should know about I-tip hair extensions.   What is I-Tip Hair Extension? I-tip hair extensions, also called microbeads, is a hair extension that has their tip attached to your hair strands by the means of silicone beans holding the extensions in place on the hair. I-tip hair extensions are applied using special pliers, in a method that is free of heat exposure, adhesives,...

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Here’s all you should new about the Butterfly Cut hairstyle that’s setting TikTok and YouTube on Fire!!

  With the rave right now, you cannot spend a few minutes on TikTok without coming across people with the world-famous butterfly cut, and we have TikTok stars Matilda Djerf and Addison Rae to thank for that. While it might seem like butterfly looks are making their first-ever entry into the hairstyle and fashion scene, this is more like a comeback, but with a different name. This hairstyle was popular in the 90s, especially amongst the classiest of celebrities at the time, including Iman, Pamela Anderson, and Cindy Crawford. The beautiful dualistic hairstyle is back and it has been named the "butterfly haircut" by hairstylist Sunnie Brook because you can rock both long and short hair at the same time...

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Here’s why you should be rocking Seamless clip-in extensions..

Lets Get Started.. Clip-in hair extensions have been around for quite a while, and most women have tried the classic extensions at least once. While we love our classic clip-ins, it became necessary to make an upgrade to the standard clip-ins due to complaints like weight, detection, and sometimes, uncomfortable wefts. Enters ‘Seamless hair extensions’ with the solution to all the extension complaints and even fantastic features that make them extra special. In case you were wondering, seamless hair extensions are the latest kinds of clip-in extensions made with a silicone backing atop the piece instead of the regular wefts attached to a fabric or lace. The clips on seamless hair extensions are sewn onto the silicone backing by hand...

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All About Lace Front Wigs With Kinky Curly Edges..

Kinky curly baby haired lace wigs This New Lace Front wig with kinky curly edges is the Rave, and here’s all you need to know about it! Did you ever imagine curly edges on a lace front wig? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t, but I am excited to tell you that there’s an amazing new lace front wig that comes not only with a natural hairline but with kinky curly edges!

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