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What Is A 5D Diamond Lace Wig?

If you are a wig lover and you follow the trends, you might have come across a diamond lace wig. This wig is different from the other lace wigs you know, and many things set this one apart.  5D Diamond Lace wigs are full lace wigs that come with full closure, face frontal and pre-plucked hairline.

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What Is A Wig Fix?

If you love your wigs, then you are probably always interested in discovering new ways to enjoy your wigs with less stress. Whether it concerns maintenance, fixing, or styling, new techniques evolve to make the wig experience amazing.  

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How To Quickly Make Your Lace Wig Longer and Fuller Using a Halo Hair Extension

Did you know that you can add a halo hair extension to your lace wigs and make them fuller? I mean, how cool is that? If you own a lace wig that is probably not as full as you wanted it to be, or not as long, you can remedy the situation by adding a halo hair extension. This directive is a simple technique to customize your wig, save money, and look fantastic, all with little effort and creativity on your part. 

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Halo Hair Extensions For Black Women - The Ultimate How - To Guide

Halo Hair Extensions For Black Women - The Ultimate How-To Guide  If you love the way hair extensions make your natural hair look longer and fuller, then you would absolutely love halo hair extensions. It is fantastic that these extensions come in different colors and shades that will fit your brown or black hair perfectly. 

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How to Install Bob Wig for Black Women

Wigs are the rave of the moment among black women because it protects the natural hair from sun damage, consistent styling, and allows it take a break while providing the beautiful natural look to get heads turning.   It is fantastic, and you can change looks literally at the drop of a hat.

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